Friday, May 28, 2010

Your life is by divine design. What you seek is seeking you! Ahhhhh!

As you practice your AH meditation this month keep in mind that the thing you deeply desire is your soul calling you forward and it is by divine design. It is your inner guidance encouraging you to grow, develop and unfold to your best self now. So know that in divine's mind what you want is already done.

The new affirmations this month are about calling up opportunity for your perfect self expression. When we are doing our divine work we are happy, alive and it barely feels like work at all. Divine pay always comes with your divine work but you must lay your fears to rest and know that you already have what it takes and you are perfect in every way. Know that what you are seeking is also seeking you. Make yourself available by amplifying love and gratitude daily. What I sow Is what I reap What I seek Is seeking me All good comes my way Divine work Divine pay I am a magnet for success I now lay my fears to rest Limitations now released I fulfill my destiny I have what it takes I am perfect in every way I expect the unexpected I give thanks it's on it's way And so it is! The power of the universe now works on my behalf. My life is by divine design. I now walk confidently in the direction of my dreams knowing I will receive all the guidance that I need. Have a great weekend. Love, Patricia

If you haven't gotten it yet here is the link to the AH meditation.