Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prosperity Meditation Challenge! An inspiring testimonial! June 1, 2010

I asked Darbi, one of my intenSati leaders to put into words some of the powerful results she has experienced since devoting herself to this meditation. Keep it up, it works if you work it! Love, Patricia The AH Meditation was assigned to me by Patricia as part of my leader training. I never in a million years would have done this on my own and I was very resistant to it. I was supposed to start on February 1 and I didn't even get around to trying it until mid-February. I have been doing the AH Meditation nearly daily now for about 3.5 months. I started with only five minutes and now do up to twenty, depending upon my schedule. The results have been so numerous I don't even know where to start but here are some fun things that have happened:
1. I have been meditating about a number I want to hit in my VO business. Almost EVERY DAY that I meditate on this number I get a booking or a new client or I go to a session and discover that I'm recording not one, but three spots. The very FIRST day I ah'd on that number, I booked a new account that should pay me almost as much money as I earned all last year! 
2. I was supposed to move into a sublet in March and the deal fell apart the day before I was to move in. I was thoroughly stressed out, looking at twenty apartments a day and not finding anything that was right. I ah'd and thought, "bright sunny studio I can afford, bright sunny studio I can afford." I found the apartment THAT DAY. I am writing this from an amazing apartment on one of the coolest blocks in Manhattan. The sun pours in every morning. It even has a balcony and a roof deck and is the rent is $600 less than I was paying in my old place. 3. I heard Patricia talk about "unexpected income" last week so I thought I'd give that a whirl this morning. This afternoon, only FOUR HOURS after my ahs, I got two residual checks totally nearly a thousand dollars. For some RADIO spots. I hardly ever get residuals on radio spots!! Talk about unexpected and awesome!
4. About a month into my relationship with my boyfriend, I was experiencing some fear and anxiety about whether or not my feelings were reciprocated. I ah'd and borrowed an affirmation from Erin's class, "I let it go, I let it be, my heart is open and I am free." In the interest of protecting his privacy, I won't give you details but I will tell you that THAT NIGHT we had a conversation that left no doubts whatsoever in my mind. We are crazy in love...I don't want to get ahead of myself, but this could be "the" guy!
5. I am an intenSati leader and had been waiting months to audition for Equinox. I was getting frustrated and thinking of abandoning my goal of teaching intenSati and simply auditioning at another club to teach something else. I ah'd and imagined myself teaching to a packed room at Greenwich and THAT AFTERNOON, I got an email inviting me to audition. I got the job but getting a class on the schedule was taking longer than I hoped. I ah'd and imagined myself teaching to a packed room at Greenwich and THAT AFTERNOON I got an email about a potential class for me starting in June! 
6. I heard of an opportunity to teach in Mexico. I ah'd and imagined my boyfriend and myself on the beach. One week later, we were running on the sands of Tulum! I could go on and on because I have many more stories like that but you get the idea. 
My non-Sati friends think I'm crazy, of course, saying things like, "yeah, Darbi..you're MAGIC!" but I don't care. Meditation has been recommended to me for years. I was hugely skeptical but I simply cannot argue with these results. I will never stop meditating!! Thank you, P-Mo for sharing this wonderful gift with me. I'm paying it forward, you can be sure! Love, Darbi If you are interested in Leader training, the next session is June7-11th in NYC. Email dyan@satilife.com for more details. It will rock your world! Join the growing team of amazing leaders now!