Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Join me for a powerful Diet that will lighten you up FAST!

This months focus is Health is Wealth. The recommended ready is Andrea Beaman's book Health is Wealth and the challenges for the first two weeks have been to not eat if you are not hungry, to stop when you are satisfied and to cook more meals at home if you eat out a lot.

This week I am suggesting a powerful cleanse to detox mind and body and the only thing you will be depriving yourself of is bad karma.  Instead saturate your mind and body with love, gratitude and appreciation.

This week I am encouraging everyone to stop any forms of participating in gossip, including in your own mind and by reading gossip magazines or watching gossiping TV. Recently, in two different circumstances, people came to me to talk about someone else and it negatively influenced my opinion of them. I then cut them out of my life without having a conversation with the one blamed. I later came to find out in neither case was it true and I felt terrible for not following through and getting the facts.  Another situation recently was that someone said something to me, about me that I didn't like. I wanted to gossip about her to others to "get her back" and say "can you believe she said this...." The problem with that kind of gossip is it keeps the negative energy going about the very thing I didn't like. It also can be damaging to the reputation of the person I am talking about.  This all becomes a very immature way of relating to one another and keeps us all in  a state of criticism, judgments and lies. The better thing to do is to have an open and honest conversation with the person instead of about her. 

If you don't clear the air or stop the gossip, the negativity continues and becomes the perspective with which you see life. If you gossip and talk negatively about others behind their back you then fear others talk about you behind your back. If you are even willingly listening you are still participating and the negativity is still influencing your state of mind and body.  What we sow is what we reap, what we give is what we get. Life is like a boomerang and we are the one tossing. It doesn't matter who started it or how "right' you feel it is, or how harmless you may think it is, it will cut the flow of love, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, health, peace of mind and joy.  

It is easy, everyone does it and unfortunately it is how many of us interact and relate to each other.  Gossip magazines sell lies about people just to catch out attention because we are a society that loves to see others fail, not look good, point out when others get fat, have cellulite, break up, fight, cheat, steal, have drug problems. Knocking others down and spreading rumors and bad stories about others is the way some people make themselves feel better. We are a society trying to stop bullying in schools and the truth is the kids learn from the adults and even if the adults are not pulling hair in the bathroom or after school the mean talk and gossip is even worse especially when the other person is not even there to hit back.

Even taking a week to be more mindful of how often you gossip, spread rumors, engage in storytelling about another, say negative things to other people about someone else is a powerful practice of awareness. Do it without judgment, simply to openly look for blocks to your success and happiness. Remember in any way that you are participating in a web of negativity you are pinching off your own good, love, peace and faith that life is good.  

Join the Sati Life community challenge to stop gossiping in any way, to yourself, to others, reading gossiping blogs and magazines.  Choose to read something that will open your mind, find things to talk about that show your appreciation for your life. Talk about what is going well, what you are grateful for, what you are looking forward to, what recent challenge you have overcome. Sow the seed of love, peace gratitude and faith and you will see yourself lighten up, feel much better and now become who you have really been longing to be!

Top 10 ways to help you get through your day:
1. Someone comes to you to gossip, say "I am sorry to interrupt but I am on a diet this week"
2. Start your day by writing a list of things you are going to share with people that is good news
3. Think of the person you are gossiping about and wonder how they would feel if they heard you.
4. Ask yourself if you were on camera being broadcast to the world would you say what you are saying?
5. Is this a sign that a conversation needs to be had about the person I am gossiping about?
6. Would I talk about my daughter, son, wife, husband or best friend this way?
7. Would I want someone to talk about me this way?
8. Is this really the best use of my time?
9. Do I have ANYTHING better to talk about?
10. Is this amplifying love or hate and if the whole world did it would the world be a better place?

Start your cleanse right away and cleanse your consciousness and amplify love today!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Sati Challenge begins with choosing food that suits you!

Jamie looks lovely in GREEN
This weeks Sati Challenge is to remind yourself that your health is wealth and paying attention to what goes in and out of your mouth is a skill you want to develop if you are interested in thriving and not just surviving life!

Can you imagine getting healthier and happier with age instead of buying into the belief that as we age we automatically decline, gain weight, feel old, are more tired and or lose our sex drive or our mind!  Don't buy it! Make your imporved state non-negotiable.  If you really hold that intention and simply take care of yourself and allow your body to do what it does well, heal itself, you can be an inspiring demonstration of what really is possible.

If you feed your body what it needs, exercise it, hydrate it, relax it, stretch it, walk it around a lot and treat it like it is a precious, one of a kind, once in a lifetime, irreplaceable, priceless item what would you be doing, thinking and eating or not eating differently? Many people treat thier cars, clothes, pets or jewelry with more care then thier body. Would you put fancy clothes, beautiful diamonds or beautiful smelling potions and creams on your tired, overweight, stressed, inflamed, unhealthy, undernourished, overfed, sedentary body and call that alive, successful or living?

My intention this month is to remind you to be more conscious of what you are eating, how much of it you are eating and why you are eating so that you can make conscious choices not based on old habits, addictions, laziness or your past beliefs about yourself and what you have been able to accomplish in the past but to choose based on what you really want for yourself and for your life right now.

What would you really want people to say about you? Wow look at those great clothes or wow look at happy, healthy, in shape, fit, vibrant and beautiful he/she is.  Not becuase of what you are wearing but because nothing on the outside of your body compares to the beauty of health, self respect, self love and self care.
When you choose foods that are alive, whole, fresh, colorful and vibrant you will be too. You are what you eat and the best way to insure that your body has all it needs to restore itself to perfect weight and perfect health easily and effortlessly is to feed it an abundance of high quality, highly nutrious, pleasureable, guilt free food! 
No wonder Natalia smiles so much!

How many times today, yesterday or this past month have you thought to yourself, "oh I shouldn't" and you did?  How many times have you recently said or thought to yourself "This is so bad for me but I just can't stop?"  And the worst one, "I wish I wouldn't have!?  When you don't pay attention to your inner guidance and you bulldoze right over that voice in your gut that says "don't do it you will feel sorry! Stop now, you have had enough" or you go vacant or unconscious so you won't stop yourself, you feed your guilt, shame, regret and fear that you will never have the willpower to change.  It is a truly painful to live with those feelings and no one has to. And, it is the feeling of shame, guilt and regret that make you want to go unconscious and eat junk! How often have you pigged out on kale recently and thought, "I really need to cut down on these greens!!"

Make this month a month where feeding yourself consciously, lovingly and in amounts that your body wants, your number 1 priority!  Why not have it all, the beautiful clothes and the healthy, happy and fit body to go with it!

When you activate excellence guilt, shame and regret dissapear! See ya! wouldn't want to be ya!

Let this month be the month you raise your bar and make your health your number 1 priority. See what happens!

Eat Only when you are truly hungry
Stop when you are satisfied not FULL
Eat real food, not so much and mostly plants most of the time
choose to make your meals at home more often
Drink vegetable juice, kale, cucumber, lemon, parsly apple! YUM

Come to this months Workin It Out event co-hosted by Andrea Beaman and get more tips. Check out her book Health is Wealth for great tips and recipes!
 WHEN 9/10/11
WHERE Equinox Columbus Circle or purchase the live recording at Satilife.com
HOW MUCH? $25.00
HOW? Register at www.satilife.com
Suggested reading of the month Health is Wealth by Andrea Beaman of course!

Activate excellence now! Seriously if not now, when?
Start em young! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Are you a powerful force for positive change?

I just posted two new videos on youtube.com to encourage you to be a part of the Sati Life revolution!

I hope to see you there!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I expected my life to change but I didn't expect this!

I knew this would happen but I didn't expect it to happen. What I mean is, I knew having a baby would forever change my life but what I didn't expect was how much it would change me.  How many times have you heard it, "having a baby changes your life".  Well I am not only experiencing the change of my life but also experiencing a powerful change in myself.  I feel like a protective mother bear, not only to my daughter but to all children.  When I think of how helpless and dependent children are on the adults and how their little lives are in our hands for the most precious years of their lives and we are doing them wrong. Sound dramatic? 

I was at the park yesterday walking with my 8 month old daughter.  As I looked around at the kids playing who were probably 5-8 years old and noticed how many of them were overweight it deeply saddened me.  I was talking to one woman and she was telling me how her teen was really overweight and she said it like it was simply something that "happened" to her and she didn't know what to do.  I believe she doesn't, just like my mother didn't know how to help me, my brother doesn't know how to help his overweight daughter and my sister's don't know how to help their kids who are struggling with weight issues. Obviously we are not the only ones.

 I have been studying the effects of sugar on the body and it is a huge wake up call. The average person eats per day is 32 teaspoons of sugar a day, 136 lbs a year, that is 31 5 pound bags for each of us.  Now before you say to yourself you are not one of "those" people remember that the biggest chunk comes from a variety of prepared foods like ketchup, canned vegetables and fruits and peanut butter.  If you pay attention and start reading the labels on everything you eat you will see that it is in almost everything.  I was reading the ingredients on a "diet" bar and the 4 out of the first 6 ingredients were different forms of sugar, but sugar is sugar! Why is there sugar in everything? Because it is highly addicting, it makes everything taste good and if you are addicted to it you will buy it and eat it in mass quantities and that is great for sales but not so great for your health or your children's health. We are also taught that sugar is a harmless thing and as long as you have it in moderation it is ok. Reality check, no it's not.

There is nothing beneficial about sugar and most people don't want to even know how bad it is for them because no one really wants to give up foods they are addicted to.  Being addicted to it means you feel uncomfortable, irritable and or sick if you don't have it.  It is the worst thing we could possibly be eating and it is more addictive than heroine and just as difficult of an addiction to break. The problem is parents are as addicted to it as kids are and it is just how the standard American family eats.  It is also easier to get kids to eat sugar filled snacks and foods, they are everywhere, cheap, packaged in great colorful packages and sold everywhere we go. It is hard to say no to a child begging for candy and ice cream. Of course they are begging, poor little things are addicted.  

Did you ever see the youtube video of the baby from Sumatra who is smoking cigarettes?  We look at this and gasp with horror. How could anyone give their child a cigarette then when the parents were asked why they just don't give it to him, stop buying them, they say because he throws a tantrum. Of course he does, it is called addiction and there are severe withdrawal symptoms when you don't have it. If there is a serious withdrawal symptom then it is seriously negatively impacting your body when you have it.  Have you ever experienced a headache when you stopped drinking coffee or having your diet coke. Have you ever tried to give up sugar, alcohol, smoking, cocaine or other hard drugs? I am using this as an example because feeding our children sugar filled foods is seriously just as bad. The only difference is it is socially acceptable. You may think I am exaggerating but just look at the statistics, the growing rate of obesity and diet related diseases and how they are starting with our children.

It breaks my heart to see loving parents unknowingly feed their most precious children food that will undoubtably lead to a life where they will forever be battling against their weight and an addiction to something that is in our food, on every street corner, at every party, on TV and in our kids school lunches.  

 My whole life I just thought I had no willpower. I felt ashamed of myself for not being able to control myself.  Not until I was an adult did I realize that it was an addiction to sugar and it had to be treated as an addiction.  

Take a good look at what children are eating these days and how it is killing them, setting them up for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, ADD, depression, obesity and low self esteem.  This is child abuse. Just like giving your children cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or physically abusing them, it is the same thing.  If you eat the SAD (standard American diet) you will get SAD (standard American Diseases) it is the law of cause and effect. It is not personal, based on social status, education, genetics or the color of your skin. It is an equal opportunity drug.

Now that I am a mom I have changed and I am determined to part of the solution to feeding our nations children better. It is everyone's responsibility to feed our nations children better and it starts with how we feed our own children and how we feed ourselves. We must start by educating ourselves and our families, speaking up and working with the schools to make sure better meals are provided. 

How many of these things do you have in your diet?
Soda diet or regular 
Artificial Sweetener
Fruit Juice ( Don't be fooled into thinking this is healthy, stick to fresh whole fruit instead)
White foods, like white rice, bread, pasta, cereal ( this is processed in the body just like plain sugar)
Processed and packaged foods: Read the label and look for any of these names for sugar: If it is in the first 5 ingredients choose something else.

  • barley malt
  • beet sugar
  • brown sugar
  • buttered syrup
  • cane-juice crystals
  • cane sugar
  • caramel
  • carob syrup
  • corn syrup
  • corn syrup solids
  • date sugar
  • dextran
  • dextrose
  • diatase
  • diastatic malt
  • ethyl maltol
  • fructose
  • fruit juice
  • fruit juice concentrate
  • glucose
  • glucose solids
  • golden sugar
  • golden syrup
  • grape sugar
  • high-fructose corn syrup
  • honey
  • invert sugar
  • lactose
  • malt syrup
  • maltodextrin
  • maltose
  • mannitol
  • molasses
  • raw sugar
  • refiner's syrup
  • sorbitol
  • sorghum syrup
  • sucrose
  • sugar
  • turbinado sugar
  • yellow sugar

  • Cook at home instead of fast food or going out
  • Eat real food not processed or packaged
  • Make sweet treats at home using fresh whole fruit to sweeten things so you have all the nutrients and fiber
  • Start them young and train their palate to enjoy real food
  • Make meals for the week ahead of time so you don't rush out for fast food
  • Make friends with mom's who want to make the change or already have and support each other
  • Read labels and if sugar is one of the first 5 ingredients do not buy it find another version of it or make it yourself
  • Have rules in the house in regards to food. Limit sugar intake to one serving a week or special occasions 
  • Send your children to school with their homemade lunch if schools don't offer healthy options
  • Educate your children, they want to be healthy and it is easier when they are young
  • Don't cave into peer pressure when other mom's say "oh it's ok they are kids"! (think of the cigarette)
  • Take the sugar out of your home. Don't temp your kids with cupboards full of junk food because they'll eat it
  • Feed your children lots of greens and other vegetables. When we have a high nutrient diet cravings diminish
  • Start paying attention to all of the sugar pushing commercials and how they try and make their junk food sound healthy! 
  • Remember, it takes a little time to let go of an old habit and develop knew ones but after a short time it will be simply how you do things.

Don't be fooled be educated and aware. Kids are not just getting fat because of the times, they are fat because of what they are eating at home and in school. They don't know any better, they expect the adults to be taking care of them and instead we are setting them up for a life of addiction to sugar, a socially acceptable drug that is as addictive as heroine and killing more people than cigarette smoking.  

It is a revolutionary act not to feed your children the SAD. It is a revolutionary act to live a disease free life. Sad but true. Be a revolutionary and be part of the solution not part of the problem.

Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution! It's never too late to stop.

I have put together a 3 week "Kick the sugar habit" tele-seminar for anyone who wants support in kicking the sugar habit for yourself or your family. 
Monday nights June 6, 13 and 20th. Cost $50. If you cannot make the call you can receive the recordings.

Go to Satilife.com to register to the Monday night calls.
Join me at the OMEGA institute June 17-19 for an empowering weekend of workouts and conversations.

Prepare for more good than you have ever experienced before! YES!

Omega Institute Retreat with Patricia Moreno June 17-19

I am so excited for the OMEGA retreat June 17-19 Here is the plan. We will be preparing ourselves to experience more good in our lives than EVER before. You gotta be there! Prepare yourself!

Friday evening
Welcome and workout

Saturday morning
Workshop How to consciously direct your creative power

Play outside or massage
Sati Workout Open to all levels
Workshop How to shift from fear, worry and doubt to Faith and love.

Free time

Sati Workout Open to all levels
Workshop How to get into the vortex of your creative energy and allow all good to come to you.
Group hug and good-bye, until we meet again.

My intention for this retreat is to support you in accessing and directing your power of intention, imagination and emotions.You will learn how to get yourself into the vortex of your creative energy. You will leave with a deeper awareness of what part you play in the creative process of your life, empowered to let go of fear and be open to more love. This will make you available for more good than you have ever experienced in your life before. 

Join me!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why are you eating what you are eating? Are you ready to have it all?

How do you choose what to eat each day? Are you a calorie counter, a "eat whatever is convenient'? A vegetarian? A raw foodie? A "on a diet, off a diet" person?

When you eat something do you ask yourself, "Will this make me fat"?  "How will I feel afterwards? "Is this good for me"?

I used to be a "WHATEVER make me lose weight" person. And I do mean "WHATEVER".  The problem with that was the "WHATEVER" was usually a quick fix, unsustainable way and it eventually meant I had to stop it. Then what happened what since I hadn't changed my habits of overeating or bingeing or over exercising, eventually I was back to feeling miserable and out of control.

Once I changed my goal from WHATEVER it takes to loose weight to WHATEVER it takes to feel great then my old ways no longer worked.  Bingeing, purging, extreme over exercising and diets of any kind may have led to short term weight loss but it also has the downside of depression and a feeling of lack of control, just to name a few.

Feeling great is, a healthy weight, a healthy body and a healthy mind by eliminating harmful thoughts, harmful food and over or under exercising as well as adding beneficial thoughts, beneficial food and beneficial exercise.

After hearing Dr. Frank lipman speak I reached out to him and told him I wanted to do a Sati community detox to inspire people to change their focus from simply losing weight to improving over all health and well-being and reminding them they can have it all this way. He enthusiastically said yes and I enthusiastically invite you to participate. You have the rare opportunity to be supported for 4 weeks by Dr. Lipman and myself with a weekly call on Wednesday nights, Dr. Lipman’s community website at elevenelevenwellness.com and on facebook on my “Workin it Out with Patricia Moreno” community page.

I know so many people who are constantly going up and down in their weight, feel sluggish and tired, have a hard time breaking old habits, go up in down in their weight or can’t achieve their desired weight.  By changing the way you think about food, your health and your body you can achieve long-term health and weight-loss, really feel great and live a life you love in a body you love.

I just finished my first week of the REMOVE detox and except for a headache the first couple of days it has been easy.  I love that along with 3 shakes a day you eat two light meals. I lost 4 lbs the first week and after 4 days I felt amazing.

If you are in the area I encourage you to join us on May 14th for the kick off event at Equinox 19th from 2-4 pm. We will begin with an intenSati workout led by me followed by an inspiring talk by Dr. Lipman. Whether or not you want to do the REMOVE detox it will certainly inspire you to make some positive changes.
If you are not in the area I encourage you to participate anyway and join the community pages for support.
You will have our support for one month so even if you start the REMOVE detox afterwards you will still have a couple of weeks of support from us to keep you in the game.

If you are going to invest your time, your energy, your money and your attention on losing weight, invest it in something sustainable. Take this opportunity to benefit from the power of a united community and feed your health, your wellness and a healthy mind. Yes! You can have it all.  Will you do whatever it takes to feel great?

Go to Satilife.com/events to register for the May 14th event and  purchase the REMOVE detox on elevenelevenwellness.com.

Together we can!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Have you felt the feeling of Ah yet today?

My reason for writing the book and creating the intenSati method is to support people all over the world in living a life they love in a body they love. Why? Because if more people are doing what they really love, what they are meant to do, more people will be helping to raise the consciousness of peace and love in the world. That means fewer wars, crimes, health issues and any other circumstances created from the mind of fear.  When people are in their hearts, leading with their hearts, following their hearts and giving from their hearts they cannot do harmful things to themselves or others.

Thinner peace is living from that place of "ahhhhh". It is when the mind stops worrying about getting fat, obsessing about food, trying to work off what you ate the day before, eating and thinking about what you are going to have next instead of enjoying the food actually in your mouth. It is making conscious choices not simply being a slave to old habits. It is when we are taking care of instead of neglecting our health and peace of mind.

I remember noticing one day that I was eating and instead of paying attention to what was in my mouth I was planning on having more before I even had the chance to see if I was full after the first serving.  It was such a simple moment but such an "aha" moment for me.  Once I actually saw myself doing that I paid attention. The next time I heard myself wondering about the next serving I used it as my opportunity to stop, enjoy what I was having and simply say to myself, this is it, relax and taste it, enjoy it, there is not going to be another serving. I could feel myself actually relax and even though that little voice peeks out and tries to sell me on another one it is now something I am aware of that I do instead of who I am. Those are powerful moments because in those moments I am choosing who I want to be instead of being a slave to who I have been.

When you are in the process of changing a habit, the old habit will be negotiating for it's place. The old habit has a voice and it is the voice of reason for that habit. It is like listening to a really good salesman who can sell you things you don't need.

The voice of my old habit,
This is not enough
Have more, you can't stop now
Just this time
You deserve it
What do "they" know
You can make up for it later
no one will know
You poor thing you work so hard
Why should you have to

Your new habit will have it's own way of speaking to you and encouraging you but you will have to be choosing between one and the other. The old habit knows you so well, it has smooth talked you for years. If you want to let go, say goodbye, be free and start a new relationship with the upgraded habit you have to develop that relationship. You have to take the time to get to know each other.

The voice of the new habit
Thank you.

The voice of the upgraded habit when you are in it you may feel challenged, you may feel uncomfortable but there is a sense of freedom afterwards as opposed to after you overeat, skip your workout, eat more than you need or are criticizing yourself.  The voice of standing for your greatness, your excellence, your improved lifestyle is "yes".

So are you feeding your old habit or your new habit today? Are you listening to the voice of the old habit or are you developing the relationship of the new one?

Notice how you talk yourself into and out of doing things. Notice how you feel after you do want you know you want to do versus doing what you were trying not to do.

You are looking for ways to feed your new habits, your health, your peace of mind.  Sati means mindfulness, being mindful opens up the door to making new choices. Stay aware of your inner voice and remember that you are the thinker you are not the thought! You are the parent, not the child. You are not your thoughts you are having thoughts.

If you can write some of the thoughts down when you hear them and get a good look at them it will help you relate to your thoughts as separate from you as opposed to who you are.  You can practice empowering thoughts that lead to empowering positive habits.

Peace and love,

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you ready to raise your bar of excellence this month? Join me

When you are radiating excellence you will attract excellence. Are you ready to raise your bar?

I would like to inspire you to raise your bar this month and ask yourself "Am I living in my zone of excellence"?

One of the important topics I will be discussing this month on my 4 week tele-coaching seminars is the power of radiating excellence and how it powerfully impacts your peace of mind, your stamina, stick-to-itivenss and success in living intentionally improving your health and happiness.

As we age our body loses muscle mass unless we are committed to weight bearing exercise and this leads to a slowing down of metabolism. If you don't upgrade your nutrition and exercise program you will most likely gain weight as you age. There is no reason why you cannot look, feel and live better with age.

What you eat, drink and think deeply impacts your entire life. Is it time for you to spend a little time reassessing how you are taking care of your self?

It is so easy to skip a few workouts, grab fast food more often,  enjoy a few more cocktails and indulge in a few more french fries here and there. Eventually find yourself feeling more tired, stressed, not wanting to go out or feeling a few aches and pains or your cute clothes don't fit anymore.

You can't buy better health. You can't pay someone to workout for you. It is something you have to do for yourself and the most important part of long term health and fitness is consistency.  After I gave birth and was ready to get my body back in shape I couldn't believe how little I could physically do. I had been working out for years consistently and I couldn't do a fraction of what I could do a few months earlier.  Even though I couldn't do what I could do before, I realized what I did have as a result of my consistency for so many years was my ability to get myself back into a routine and stick to it and my respect for my health and happiness.

I hope you will take the opportunity this month to pay attention to how you are treating yourself. If you would like support, join me for my weekly tele-coaching seminars every Wednesday night in April on Ustream or by phone. Register at Satilife.com

When you are radiating excellence you will be attracting excellence in every area of your life. It's your time!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thinner Peace. Some questions to ask yourself to learn more about you.

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I have started this month by reminding people that it is so important not to be an "expert" but a beginner. As soon as you think you have tried it all, know it all, heard it before or that there is nothing new in this conversation, you will slam the door shut to your personal advancement in that conversation.
One of the things I make a commitment to is to keep myself in the mindset of a beginner. I have so often found myself thinking "yes I know that!?  But the question is not do you know it but do you live it?

I encourage you not to be an expert but a beginner open to having a new insight, a new idea, a new possibility.  Make your mind and heart flexible and available for more wisdom and love than you have ever had before.

One of the reasons I do my best to send short notes often to my community is because I think one of the most important things to support anyone who wants to live a healthy and happy lifestyle is to keep renewing one's faith and to reaffirm the intention.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you remember what it is that is important to you and for you.

1. Why is it important for you to eat healthfully and exercise?
2. Why do you choose the foods you choose daily?
3. Are you making choices that will support your intention
4. How strong is your commitment to your health and happiness? How often do you sell out on your dream with an excuse?
5.What would it take for you to feel really proud of  yourself?
6.When you make food choices do you think "I will exercise this off or I exercised today I deserve it"?

One of the reasons I developed a practice like intenSati and I create the workshops and retreats I do is to help retrain your way of thinking and to develop the muscle of mindfulness.

It is so easy to fall back into old patterns because they are habits that pull us back and handcuff us to old results. If the result is exactly what you want and love then fabulous. If the result isn't what you love then it takes some consistent action and awareness until the new habit is formed and it is just who you now are.

Think of the habits, positive or not, that are so difficult to break.  Remember, our goal is to create positive habits so that living a healthy and happy life is simply easy, effortless and leads to that place of Thinner Peace.  Thinner peace is that place where you no longer struggle, diet, try, measure, count calories, weigh or guilt ourselves into losing weight, it is simply who we are, how we live and how we think.

So ask yourself those questions and remember it is not just what you are eating or doing but more importantly it is how you are thinking and what you are believing that will support your total transformation to a life of Thinner Peace.

The first ingredient to living a life of  Thinner Peace is inner peace. When you have mastered intentionally creating powerful habits of thoughts, words and action you will have become a powerful co-creator of intentionally living a happier, healthier and wealthier life of Thinner Peace.

I have some great retreats and tele-seminars coming up. IF you sign up for the March 20th Be Yourself Retreat You get 30% off. It will be a powerful day of workouts and workshops to help you build the muscle of intentionally living the life that reflects your best self. Join me! It will be FUN and inspiring. Satilife.com

Patricia Moreno
Author of The intenSati Method 7 secret principles to thinner peace

The well-being that I seek is already inside me. I welcome her (him) now into my reality. With gratitude and joy, thinner peace is my reward. I am born to thrive when I keep love alive.

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I am at peace with myself

Friday, February 25, 2011

I am ending this blog. I am not an expert.

I had a revelation today and therefore I will no longer be writing this blog.  I have started a new one called "Stop following me' I have a few confessions to make. If you would like to know the truth you can go to www.therealpatriciamoreno.blogspot.com and refuse to follow me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's a good time to prioritize your energy and decide what to invest it in. It's precious!

 What is important to you?  Take a look at what you are doing and how you are doing it.  If you think you don't have time to get your workout in or your personal time in to your daily life I suggest to take inventory and ask yourself what you are doing that you don't really love?  Where are you wasting your time?  Where are you spending your energy on things that are not giving your a good return? Evaluate, prioritize and be mindful of what you give your time and attention to!I am excited about introducing a new Sati program called BodySoulSati.  I created this program for:  anyone who loves yoga but wants more of a workout, anyone who doesn't have hours to spend in the gym but wants a total body workout, or anyone who wants to have a meditation practice but doesn't like to meditate or hasn't made the time to do it.

The BodySoulSati method is a holistic training program that invigorates the body and awakens the soul by infusing a fluid series of standing legwork with heart felt affirmations. 1lb weighted gloves are worn to tone the upper body and engage the core muscles leaving you feeling accomplished and inspired!
Since I was 16 years old I have loved spending hours and hours in the gym. It was my social life, my work life, my passion, my hobby and a great way to connect with my sisters.  It used to be my life. I met everyone I ever dated at the gym, all of my friends were met at the gym, and I loved expressing myself in this environment.I loved it not only for the social aspect but also the feeling of accomplishment I had after 3-4 hours of working out. 

Over the past 10 years since, I have been practicing being more self-aware, more conscious, and more awake of the way I am living my life. I have started to feel my emotional eating stop and my mindful, joyful and healthful eating improve. I stopped dieting, I started looking at food as a way to heal, nourish and love my body as opposed to something to simply soothe me, fill me up and put me to sleep.  I no longer feel like I have to get to the gym to work off what I ate which led me to an unhealthy relationship to both food and exercise. I now enjoy working out for the joy of moving, feeling strong, spending time with friends and doing work I love. Most importantly I now use food and exercise as a way to clear my mind, optimize my system, feel alive and connected to myself and to improve my connection to my inner guidance, my soul.

But nothing prepared me for the big change I experienced after having a baby!  I realized instead of trying to figure out how I could spend more time at the gym I wanted to figure out what was the least amount of time I could spend at the gym and still feel great and get the time I needed for me, not as a way to pay for over-eating or a way to ward off the fear of my weight ballooning out of control.
That meant all my workouts had to be efficient, effective, and holistic, and I needed to be present and committed to getting the most out of the hour. A time for me to strengthen my body, to nourish my heart, clear my mind, and awaken my soul.  It also meant in order for this to work I had to make conscious and consistent good food choices.  The price I would have to pay for making unhealthy choices, overeating or being too lazy to plan ahead was going to lead to not feeling good and happy in my body which would lead to me wanting to go spend extra time at the gym which, would mean less time at home.

I want balance. I want to prove to myself I can have it all and I do not have to compromise my feeling good in order to be the mother I really want to be or have the career I really want to have. I just have to be extra selective about what I eat and what workouts I now choose to do. 

BodySoulSati is a workout that provides that for me and I hope you will find it provides something for you too. It is a perfect compliment to all the other Sati programs as it still fulfills the main intention of all Sati workouts to increase self- awareness, self -love, and to provide time for you to make conscious contact with your higher self so you can remember who you are and why you are here.

What is important to you?  Take a look at what you are doing and how you are doing it.  If you think you don't have time to get your workout in or your personal time in to your daily life I suggest to take inventory and ask yourself what you are doing that you don't really love?  Where are you wasting your time?  What are you spending your energy on things that are not giving your a good return? Evaluate, prioritize and be mindful of what you give your time and attention to!

Sleep in peace, wake in joy, live in health and love yourself inside and out.
With love,

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Our most important job in our life-time is to be willing to be ourselves and to show the world who we are. We are destined for greatness but the access to that destiny of greatness is being willing to follow your heart and reveal the true you. If you are not revealing the true you how can others love you, they don't even know you? When you feel free to be you, the best part of you can be seen, the real you, the unique human being who has something to say, something to create, something to offer that only you can offer and that is GREAT! This intensive BE YOURSELF training will consist of workouts, and S.E.L.F (self empowerment lifestyle facilitator) exercises that will give you the courage to simply BE YOU!

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Dates: May 6, 13, 20, 27, 2011
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OMEGA: Great Body Great Life with Patricia Moreno: Your Words are Charged with Prospering Power!   
Our thoughts and words are charged with power. Complaining is like praying for what you don't want! Are you done complaining and ready for creating a life and body you really love? Changing the way we look at our self, our life and our power will open us up to a world of infinite possibilities including a more prosperous life. Prosperity includes, health, wealth and happiness. If you want to live a life you love in a body you love it begins with being more loving!

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Please note: I will be back teaching March 5!

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