Saturday, November 13, 2010

Your relationship to your body impacts your relationship to life.

Your relationship with your body has everything to do with your relationship to life. When you get serious about honoring your body, everything in life shifts. In this live one-hour web event you will be reminded of your dream for your body and self-mastery. Oh, and it will kickstart your weight-loss or gain, you've been meaning to get to. Led by Christine Young, Handel's expert body coach (and radio host), this hour will give you the tools for designing your body, including how to recognize your excuses and stop them from sabotaging you.

If your complaint about your body is siphoning your joy get into action so you can start 2011 with a fresh start! I have been working with them and being coached by them for years and it has made a huge difference in my life in every area of my life. If body is not where you need support check out the other seminars below. IF not now, when?

Date: Monday, Nov. 15th 12-1pm EST
Price: $20
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Mastering Time
Your relationship with time is one of the most important relationships in your life. Ending the struggle leaves you free, happy and productive. In this live one-hour web event, you will learn the basics of relating powerfully to time. You will discover the solution to procrastination, overwhelm and ineffectiveness. Learn how to plan brilliantly 
and most important, feel more joy and success in everyday activities as well as your most heart-felt endeavors!

Date: Tuesday, November 16th 1-2pm ET
Price: $20
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Rainmaking: Creating Money
Are you being a rainmaker in your life? In this one-hour live web event will learn what it means to be a rainmaker in your life and the practical steps to unleashing your rainmaking abilities. You will understand what it means to be the source of abundance in your life, where fear still stands in your way and how to ask for what you want. Meet your own inner daredevil and learn how to get results with money and anything else you want!

Date: Tuesday, Nov 16th 2010   3-4pm
Price: $20
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