Sunday, February 28, 2010

Off to LA and day 25 of no sugar. More sugar info. 1/28/2010

I am packing my bags, getting ready to go to LA. I am excited to introduce LA to intenSati. If you live there please come and take class. You can see my schedule at and I can put you on the guest list if you are not a member of Equinox. I will also be teaching classes at Agape international. If you have friends there let them know they are invited as well.

Today is day 25 of no sugar. The goal was 30 days but I think I will keep going. It has definitely gotten much easier although I still have cravings for sugar. I am now adding fruit back into my diet but still leaving out the sugar in any other form.

This month I have been researching what sugar does to our health. I was impressed by how sugar negatively affects our health in so many ways. I will just name a few out of the list of over 140.

Sugar can cause or lead to:
premature aging
learning disorders in children
the growth of candida or yeast infections
increase cholesterol
suppress the immune system
can make the skin wrinkle by changing the structure of collagen
food allergies
toxemia during pregnancy
many types of cancer, lung, rectum,
causes inflammation
increases the chances of getting irritable bowel syndrome

Moderation in anything is ok but it is very difficult in our society to have sugar in moderation because it is in most packaged and processed products. The average person now eats around 48 teaspoons or 1/2 cup of sugar per day.

Sugar comes by many names
barley malt
brown sugar
beet sugar
cane sugar
date sugar
evaporated sugar cane
fruit juice concentrate
high fructose corn syrup
rice syrup
raw sugar

"The body's threshold for added sugar is about 2 teaspoons of added sugar at one time, two to three times a day" Suicide by sugar

Going cold turkey for many is too challenging especially if you are addicted to sugar. Try simply making a conscious choice to reduce your sugar intake weekly.

How to tell if you have a sugar addiction?
What do you eat on a daily basis?
Soda, how many per day?
sugar or sweetener in your coffee?
do you use honey, agave, molasses?
Do you need something sweet after every meal?
Are most of your snacks sugar laden?
If you consume sugar everyday from one or more of these sources you may be consuming too much sugar.

Become aware of how you are treating your body. There is a consequence to everything we eat, think, drink, say and do. With food, it takes some time before the consequences of abuse show up. Be mindful of what you are putting in your mouth, how much and how often. Nothing is more important than your health.

Books to read about sugar addiction:
Sugar Shock
Suicide by Sugar
Lick the sugar Habit

In good health,

you can buy my gook online "The intenSati method, 7 secret principles to thinner peace" or

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sharing with you an inspiring note I recently received. Get inspired!

I often receive emails from students or people who participate in intenSati. I love to share them with you and here is one of the recent ones. If you have something to share about results you have received by doing intenSati please send it to me at I would love to hear from you.

Also, please join me for a book signing and workout event feb 26th at Equinox 19th street NYC from 6-8pm.  Go to events page to rsvp if you are a non-member. If you are a member

Dear Patricia,

This is going to come out all wrong, but as I'm a heinous
procrastinator, I just need to write to you and say thank you. You
and your videos changed and saved my life. Okay so, my name is Liv
(Olivia) and I am seventeen years old; I've been struggling with
Bipolar Disorder for most of my life. Due to my natural ups and
downs, mixed-in eating disorders, and low self-esteem--wow, I make
myself sound terrific--I have never been able to commit to any
exercise program. I was really unsatistfied and grossed out by myself
when I found your Yoga Cardio Burn DVD amidst my mom's exercise DVD
collection. I liked yoga, but I'd never been able to commit to it for
a long enough time. Now, I've been doing your Yoga video every day
for like six months, and I feel FLIPPIN' FANTASTIC. I have the
strength and confidence to do other yoga programs as well, and now I'm
an exercise freak and I love to move! I started doing the Intensati
workout and the Core Cross Train DVD a couple months ago, and I am
just so amazed and flabbergasted w/ how far I've come. With the
balance issues that come along w/ the Lithium, I never thought I could
dance--but I've learned that I'm actually a pretty fabulous dancer,
and I LOVE IT! I've never really tried dancing before, but now that
I've tried it, I realize I'm in love---with dancing--, and I dance all
the friggin' time. I'll take the moves that you taught me on the
video and make my own sequences and sometimes I even make my own
moves. Hey, I probably look like a fool, but I'm happy, so what the
heck. IWho's to see anyway? Haha. I never thought positivity could
get me this far. Before I found you and your videos--i sound like a
born-again offense intended....--I rode my emotions
like some daredevil ship on the tempestuous seas, yes, but now I have
the motivation to just pimp my way up the latter. I walk
differently. I just exist differently--I'm so positive it scares
people, but heck, they've gotten used to it. And best of all, I can
stroll down the city streets in jeans without having some awkward
tunic dress cleverly stretched over my thighs to hide any jiggliness--
I am just so happy, and I feel beautiful. Thank you! Your inspiration
is remarkable.

Send me your story and inspire others to live a life they love in a body they love!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 8 No Sugar

I am happy to report that this is day 8 no sugar.  I think the thing that is most surprising is how much I am really craving it.  I honestly thought it would be much easier than it is.   In my mind I wasn't even really having that much sugar.  The things I cut out from my diet are, agave in my oatmeal in the morning or in my tea.  If I had toast or an english muffin I would have honey or Jam on it.  In cut out fruit which normally I would have in the afternoon.  I also cut out the piece or two of dark chocolate I would have at night before bed. I also cut out all yogurt, even plain yogurt and I switched my bread from whole wheat to gluten free.  

What I have added that has helped a lot is lots of water with lemon and stevia.  I am drinking a fermented drink called coco biotics. I found it on Donna Gates website. She wrote the book, Body Ecology Diet.  It is said to  improve digestion, reduce sugar cravings, increase energy and improve liver cleansing.  

So when I have the sugar cravings I realize it has nothing to do with hunger but really just a habit. I just have to let it pass and it always does.  What is really helping is that I am committed to the 30 days and no matter what.  So even when a craving does show up I know I am not going to give in to it so it just goes away.  It also really helps to blog about it because it keeps me committed.  

Honestly I think the thing that feels the best is not even getting the sugar out of my body but the feeling I feel when I don't give in to a craving.  I have given up many other things before and I think it is a good practice to upgrade your habits and to train yourself to get yourself to do what you really want to get yourself to do.  It takes practice and it takes self discipline but like everything it is a practice.  
What this practice will provide you with is freedom. The freedom to choose what you want to do and follow through.  

I highly recommend you pick one habit to upgrade. Pick anything but pick something. It doesn't have to be that big. It can be anything you think will improve your life.  Make it easy enough that you will succeed but challenging enough that you will gain self discipline from it.  Remember it is not only about the result you will get from improving the habit but the inner strength and self respect you will build in taking it on.

What are you willing to do to improve your health and well being?

On February 26th 6-8pm I am doing a intenSati workout and book signing event at Equinox broadway and 19th street. If you would like to participate go to the store at to rsvp.

You can also now buy my book at or!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 3 No Sugar! Challenging today. Is being busy a good excuse?

My day started as usual today.  I woke up at 6:30, did my meditation, ate breakfast and went to the gym. I did my workout then taught 2 classes and I was done by 11:30. But unlike my usual Friday I had two interviews back to back in two different locations set up. One at 12:00 then one at 1:00.  I was late for the first one because I got lost. Yes I have been living here for over 15 years.  I was already 15 minutes late for my next interview but I was so hungry I popped into the gym and grabbed some egg whites, not enough food but something to hold me over. 

I got to my 1:00 appointment at 1:30 and we filmed the interview, (very fun by the way details to come) until about 3:00.  Now I was late for my 3:00 appointment.  I was so hungry I had to pop into the deli to see what I could find to eat.  It was very challenging.  Of course the only things I could see were the sugary things, fruits, cookies, candies, and other things I don't eat.  Finally I grabbed a protein bar.  The good news was that sugar was the 7th ingredient. My commitment was not to eat anything that had sugar listed as one of the first 5 ingredients.

I did learn a couple of things and I know that although sugar was the 7th ingredient, there were better choices I could have made.

What I learned.

1. Be prepared. Being busy is my life most of the time and using the excuse that I was too busy is just that, an excuse and not a very good one.  If I would have been prepared I could have had food in my bag and eaten it in instead.

2. Don't go into a deli looking for food when I am on a NO sugar detox.  It there was a salad bar where I could have made a quick salad, some protein or even an avocado or hard boiled eggs that would have been better. Stay out of stores that mostly sell junk food!

I really did keep my promise as I listed that I wouldn't eat anything that had sugar listed as one of the first 5 ingredients but I stopped eating protein bars a long time ago because really I think they are a glorified candy bar with a lot of calories and a lot of ingredients I can't pronounce or understand.  

So "technically" I stuck to my commitment but really plan to make a better choice next time.  i saw how easily today I could allow myself to come up with an "excuse" to not keep my commitment.  

What I am noticing is this is harder than I thought it would be.  I really didn't realize I was eating as much sugar as I was. I wasn't gobbling down cookies and candy bars but all the little things throughout the day added up.

I hope you are paying attention to how much sugar is sneaking into your diet and that this is helping you pay more attention to what you are putting into your body and will help you catch your excuses when you hear them as well.

Share your story, I would love to hear.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 2 no sugar. 7 tips for cutting the sugar cravings!

This is day 2 of my "no sugar" 30 day detox plan.  I announced in class what I am doing and asked if anyone wanted to join me and I was surprised there were already a few who committed since Monday on their own.  After I posted it on Facebook, many others jumped on the bandwagon. So whether or not you are joining me on an all out "no sugar" 30 day detox plan or not.  I suggest you take this time to notice how much sugar you are having in your diet and begin cut it down.

Sugar can be just as addicting as any drug. The more we eat it, the more we crave it and for those who have a hard time losing weight, reducing sugar intake is the key to reducing cravings for sweets and simple carbs.  I received an email from someone today who agreed to join me and asked how to deal with the cravings. Here are some tips.

1. You are going to have cravings for sugar so just be aware of it so you don't use the craving as an excuse to give in.  Just feel the craving and do your best to put your attention on something else and leave the kitchen.

2. Detoxing your body will help reduce the cravings for sugar.  Drink lots of water with lemon to help make your body more alkaline. This will help the cravings go away.

3. Remember that the cravings are not always physical but mental as well. If you are in the habit of eating chocolate every day at 3 or you always get a sugary coffee drink in the afternoon then replace that habit with a new, upgraded habit.  Try licorice tea it is very sweet and can seriously help your sweet tooth.

4. The more sugar you eat, the more sugar you want to eat.  The less you eat the less you want it and if you see it, you will want it.  Clean out your cupboards, fridge and secret hiding places of all sugary snacks and foods.  Don't have it in your home.  A craving only lasts because you focus on it over and over again.  Every time you see the chocolate you are going to crave it. Just toss and be free!!

5. Don't be fooled by the "sugar free labels". I was shopping in whole foods and I saw all of these "no sugar cookies" that I have never seen before but they caught my eye like never before and I even considered giving them a try, for a second! When we make a decision to give up something it often is on our mind more than ever before.  Those processed treats are still white flour, simple carbs and full of things you probably can't pronounce. Don't buy them!

6. Please don't replace sugar with artificial sweeteners. Now days there are so many good options that we really don't need to give up one bad thing for another.  The chemicals in the artificial sweeteners simply don't belong in your body and can actually increase your craving for sugar.

7. Remember, once the sugar gets out of your system you will no longer crave it. Don't feed the pain feed the wellness.  Once you break the sugar habit you can put it back in, in moderation but if your are really serious about making a change don't use the old trick, "just one".  If you are a sugar addict that "just one" really means just one box.

Remember that it is certainly not easy to kick the sugar habit or change any habit for that matter. There are ways to get yourself to the other side. The number one thing that will help you follow through and do what you want to do is simply keep your word.  Do what you say you are going to do even if you don't feel like it.  When you can be someone who can get themselves to do what they really want to do, you are free and simple that leads to "thinner peace".

For more info on how to achieve thinner peace read my book "The intenSati method, 7 secret principles to thinner peace".


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How will you value yourself this month?

In the month of February what else would we focus on but Love! We don't need a special month to focus on love but it is a good excuse to give it more attention.  I invite you to focus on ways you can be more loving towards yourself this month and find ways to value and honor yourself.

I think it is safe to say we have all felt the power of love. When we are in love we feel empowered, happy and free. Whether we are in love with another person, our work, our pets or our self we feel good.  Releasing energy from your energy system in love produces health and vitality. It lights up your energy centers. It produces feelings of gratitude, joy and fulfillment.

My goal this month is to go sugar free. I am feeling a little lethargic. I am going to LA for all of March to promote intenSati and do book signings and PR events and I want to feel my best.  I was listening to a podcast by Donna Gates, who wrote a book called body ecology. I haven't read the book yet, but the podcast was enough to inspire me to take it on.  (I did order her book and I will let you know after I read it what I think.) So today is day number 1. Want to join me?

Here are some good reasons eliminate sugar from your diet. This is from Donna Gate's website

  1. Feeds candida
  2. Promotes wrinkling and aging skin 
  3. Makes your blood acidic 
  4. Can lead to osteoporosis.
  5. Rots your teeth
  6. Raises your blood sugar level
  7. Contributes to obesity
  8. Is addictive (almost as much as drugs) 
  9. Can create the urge to binge
  10. Provides 'empty calories' with no nutritional value
  11. Contributes to diabetes
  12. Robs your body of minerals.
  13. Robs you of energy
  14. Contributes to heart problems 
  15. Can cause cancer
  16. Contributes to ulcers
  17. Can cause gallstones
  18. Contributes to adrenal fatigue 
  19. Can suppress your immune system
  20. Raises the level of neurotransmitters called serotonin
  21. Weakens eyesight
  22. Sugar can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels).
  23. Can cause aging
  24. Can contribute to eczema
  25. Can cause arthritis
I have committed to 30 days. Here is what I am committing to.
No white bread, pasta, potatoes or simple carbs
No sugar including artificial sweetners or agave. Stevia is a good sweetner replacement.
No alcohol
No foods that have sugar listed as one of the first 5 ingredients
No sweets, including chocolate but YES to raw cacao nibs!
No fruit. Yes fruit is good for you but is high in sugar so with the exception of avocado I will not have it
No soda, fruit drinks or vegetable juices high in sugar like carrot or beet juice.

Let's see how I feel after 30 days. I will be posting regularly. If you want to join me post as well.

On another note, here are two updates:
While I am in LA you can join me for a satilife warrior challenge. The challenge is to work out with me 3 times a week for the month of March. If you commit to the challenge you will get a free all access pass to Equinox in LA. What a great deal! If you live in that area and want to join me go to and fill out an applications ASAP! We can only give out a limited number of passes!

Second update is on February 26th I am doing a book signing and special event at Equinox 19th and broadway. It is open to members and non-members. Members are free.  Please Non-members are welcome $25. You can register at "our store" Please rsvp asap!

I hope you will join me!