Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sharing with you an inspiring note I recently received. Get inspired!

I often receive emails from students or people who participate in intenSati. I love to share them with you and here is one of the recent ones. If you have something to share about results you have received by doing intenSati please send it to me at I would love to hear from you.

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Dear Patricia,

This is going to come out all wrong, but as I'm a heinous
procrastinator, I just need to write to you and say thank you. You
and your videos changed and saved my life. Okay so, my name is Liv
(Olivia) and I am seventeen years old; I've been struggling with
Bipolar Disorder for most of my life. Due to my natural ups and
downs, mixed-in eating disorders, and low self-esteem--wow, I make
myself sound terrific--I have never been able to commit to any
exercise program. I was really unsatistfied and grossed out by myself
when I found your Yoga Cardio Burn DVD amidst my mom's exercise DVD
collection. I liked yoga, but I'd never been able to commit to it for
a long enough time. Now, I've been doing your Yoga video every day
for like six months, and I feel FLIPPIN' FANTASTIC. I have the
strength and confidence to do other yoga programs as well, and now I'm
an exercise freak and I love to move! I started doing the Intensati
workout and the Core Cross Train DVD a couple months ago, and I am
just so amazed and flabbergasted w/ how far I've come. With the
balance issues that come along w/ the Lithium, I never thought I could
dance--but I've learned that I'm actually a pretty fabulous dancer,
and I LOVE IT! I've never really tried dancing before, but now that
I've tried it, I realize I'm in love---with dancing--, and I dance all
the friggin' time. I'll take the moves that you taught me on the
video and make my own sequences and sometimes I even make my own
moves. Hey, I probably look like a fool, but I'm happy, so what the
heck. IWho's to see anyway? Haha. I never thought positivity could
get me this far. Before I found you and your videos--i sound like a
born-again offense intended....--I rode my emotions
like some daredevil ship on the tempestuous seas, yes, but now I have
the motivation to just pimp my way up the latter. I walk
differently. I just exist differently--I'm so positive it scares
people, but heck, they've gotten used to it. And best of all, I can
stroll down the city streets in jeans without having some awkward
tunic dress cleverly stretched over my thighs to hide any jiggliness--
I am just so happy, and I feel beautiful. Thank you! Your inspiration
is remarkable.

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