Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting to the top 10! A community effort!

Hello Sati LIfe Community,

I am requesting your support. I have been nominated for a small business grant that is being offered by American Express. It is a $100,000,00 prize for the small business that positively impacts their community. I can only win with your help and your vote. The money will be used for marketing the Sati Life company and the intenSati workout specifically so we can offer it in more gyms, kids programs, rehab centers and other support groups as well. PLease vote today and get Sati Life into the top 10 spot.

If you want to know more about the intenSati workout, it is a practice for building self love, self esteem, self confidence, physical fitness and health. It is a revolutionary program and I believe anyone who practices it will live a happier and healthier life.

If Sati Life wins we will throw a party and invite you all! Please vote today!


Patricia Moreno go to click on NOMINEES enter sati life in the search box, there are two nominations, vote for both click on Endorse now Please send it on to a friend. We need many more votes and the sooner the better! Thank you! LOVE Patricia

Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you believe you WILL succeed no matter what?

So many people don’t succeed at fulfilling their goals because they haven’t taken the time to condition their mind. If you want to succeed to have to develop daily habits or rituals to condition your mind and your body. You have to develop certainty in yourself that no matter what you WILL succeed. There has to be a burning desire within you that fuels you to try and try again, and never give up. Do you have that burning desire to feel great, to lose weight or to live your dream?

Does disappointment in yourself cause you to give up or does it drive you to get up and try again? If you have made up your mind to succeed at losing weight and feeling great, what could stop you? Seriously. Don’t you know that if it was do or die, if you made it a must to lose weight you could absolutely do it? So why can some people accomplish it and others can’t? They don’t have a good enough reason to change, to succeed. Do you?

If you want to succeed, if you want it to be long lasting and different this time you have to condition your mind as well as your body. If you don’t believe in yourself there is no way you will have the success you want.

Create daily rituals that keep your goal a burning desire in your heart. Write in your journal daily about why you want it, create a vision board that has pictures that inspire and remind you. Do intenSati Great Body Great life workout 3-5 times a week. Keep visualizing yourself already there. Keep fueling your fire of desire and keep the dream alive every single day.

Sure you are going to have tough times but if you want to have a breakthrough you will have to be able to be in those hard times and imagine yourself getting through them.

Celebrate your victories and when you fail don’t use it as an excuse to give up. It is easy to be pessimistic, skeptical or a doubter. It gets you off the hook from having to deal with the tough times but it also keeps you stuck where you are.

Stay in the game and be in it to win it no matter what! Of course you can succeed. Just one day at a time!

What would you like to be acknowledged for today?



My food and exercise journal for today

1 tablespoon of Royal Jelly

2 cups of Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of cacoa nibs and agave

1 large salad with non starchy vegetables and ½ a small avocado, olive oil dressing

1 turkey burger no bun

1 cup of taboleh salad

1 small green salad non starchy vegetables and oilive oil and balsamic vinegar

1 large coffee with milk

2 liters of water

1 sip of white wine


Today was basically a day off. I did about 30 minutes of light yoga. I am counting this as my day off.

Today I would like to be acknowledged for not over eating when I really did want to but I knew I had to write this tonight so I didn’t. Thanks YOU!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What if you are perfect just the way you are?

I was listening to the audio book "The voice of knowledge" by Miguel Ruiz. I love this author because of the absolute simplicity in which he passes on information. He also wrote "The four agreements" which I read years ago and the teachings in that book I still remember today. I highly recommend you read these books if you haven't yet.

In the beginning of the voice of knowledge he says that what causes suffering is lying. When we tell the truth we do not suffer but when we tell ourself a lie and we believe it we suffer. He suggests that we are all perfect, that everything about us, our so called imperfections are actually perfect. We suffer when we tell ourselves a lie and we believe it. That the greatest lie we tell ourselves and we believe is that we are not good enough or that we are not perfect just the way we are.

Over 6 years ago I realized how many lies I was telling myself. I realized that most of what I was thinking was a lie. I also used to lie a lot. Whether it was lying about why I didn't want to go somewhere or cheating in my relationships. I was fine with lying. It felt like sometimes it was just the best option, even the "right" thing to do.

In 2002 I met Lauren Zander who is the president of the Handel Method. Her work is based on personal integrity, telling the truth, your truth and living it. It transformed my whole life. The more work we did the more I began to realize how many lies in one day I would tell. I really wasn't sure it was something I would ever overcome. It felt too scary. I felt too vulnerable. It even used to make me mad to have to tell the truth or ask someone else for the truth.

In 2003 I went to a 12 step program called grey sheet. It is a self discipline boot camp! You have to weigh and measure everything. I mentioned it before but one of the reasons I chose to go to grey sheet was because I wanted to learn to be honest. I hated calling a sponsor everyday to say what I was going to eat. I hated weighing every morsel of food that was going in my mouth...for about 3 weeks. After 3 weeks I started to drop weight fast. In the first month I lost like 12 lbs and I was ecstatic and starting to feel proud of myself. I actually started to feel the freedom that discipline and honesty were providing me. It was not easy but eventually what happened was I couldn't hold a lie anymore. The guilt I felt about telling a lie was so overwhelming I could no longer be a liar.

We used to have to call a sponsor before we ate something we weren't supposed to eat. I never did. Actually I told myself I was going to eat it and I was never going to confess. Sometimes I could hold the lie for 3 days but eventually I had to tell. It was an incredible experience to see myself changing, feeling the freedom and waking up.

Now everyday I practice telling everything about my life and my self and I do my best to hide nothing. There are no skeletons in my closet, there are no secrets about me that you can't know. There is nothing I am ashamed of and I don't lie about my age, my sexuality or my losses.
I share my goals my dreams my upsets my fears and my successes. And what I have experienced is the greatest gift of all, Love. I am married to a women I love with all my heart, I love my work and feel absolutely blessed that this is my life, I really do love my body, I am proud of it and I still go up and down 10-12 lbs and finally I'm free and I don't feel ashamed of it. I am learning that it is my so called imperfections that are the best things about me.

I have learned that the answer to freedom is telling the truth and accepting yourself as perfect just the way you are. When we are not hating ourselves for not being perfect we are loving ourselves and that is what fuels our highest spiritual growth.

So my suggestion is to practice telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No matter how scary it might be it is always the answer, always. And if you don't want to tell the truth about something in your life, it is ok too. There is a time for everything. Know that everything about you is perfect and everything you are learning and going through is all perfect. Relax, enjoy the ride, go with the flow and allow your life to unfold in the perfection it is intended!

What I ate today
A yummy vege burger
A tasty egg white omelette with spinach and a green salad with steamed string beans
1 cup of Greek yogurt and a teaspoon of raw cacao nibs and a few sprinkles of pecans and a drizzle of agave
Baked Salmon (about 2 oz) a large green salad with non-starchy vegetables drizzled with almond butter oil.
2 Litres of water
1 cup of coffee with milk

I did about 3 hours of exercise all very moderate
1 hour bike
1 hour intenSati
1 hour yoga and light lifting

I feel good and I hope you do too!

Don't forget to rsvp for the next eating with intention and awareness call September 9th at 8:30pm Et. The hot topic is "Having it all" Email for the call in number!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10lb Countdown Day 3! What did you eat today?

How did you do today?
It is always important to look back and see what went well and what you would like to improve on. When it come to losing weight and being dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle versus just losing weight it is important to be honest and yet not feed any guilt about how the day went. Feeling guilty will completely get in the way of your success.

Writing down what you are eating helps you build a higher level of self awareness and posting it every day raises the bar of awareness. You will most likely think twice about your choices when you know at the end of the day you are going to post what you ate.

I know it makes a difference for me to know that at the end of the day no mater what I am posting what I ate.

Whenever we take on a personal challenge like losing weight it is important to remember there will be hard days and easier days. Every time you make it through a challenging period you will always come out stronger and you build your confidence.

Creating a healthy lifestyle is about endurance, consistency and long term commitment. Know this, our cravings and our food addictions are just habits and it takes time to change them. The longer you go without eating those sugary, refined or simple carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes etc the less you will crave them. It is all just about creating new habits and giving our body a chance to adjust.

What I ate today
1 cup Fage fat free yogurt with a tablespoon of flax seeds, tablespoon of raw cacoa nibs and a tablespoon of agave

Turkey burger and large salad with about 2 tablespoons of dressing. The salad was all greens and a few garbanzo beans no other starchy vegetables

30z salmon and sauteed kale with tomato and garlic made at home by Kellen! Yum
another cups of fat free yogurt with a tablespoon of raw cacao nibs

I drank 1/2 cup of coffee with milk. 2 litres of water.

30 minutes bike
7 minutes upper body bike
30 minutes yoga
1 hour intenSati

Looking back
I prefer not to have so much animal protein in one day. I like to keep it to no more than once a day. I was feeling a little irritated today, my body was aching and tired. I noticed I wanted to have something sweet even though I wasn't really hungry I ate the yogurt. That is the only thing I could have left out today but all in all I am happy with my day.

Keep remembering why you want it! No matter what, no matter how long it takes, don't get discouraged just stay in the game. It is the only way, be in it to win it, never, ever, ever give up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10lb countdown! Daily check in one day at a time!

If you want to join me for this 10lb countdown please write back what your plan is. What are you committing to doing to losing the 10lbs. I will be posting my daily food journal and exercise journal. Post your daily food and exercise journal. My goal is no processed or refined carbs, no sweets and at least one hour of working out a day 6 days a week.

My Food and workout journal for today
1 hour strengthsati
30 min bike
30 min core

Fage yogurt with a tablespoon of raw cacao nibs, a tablespoon of flaxseeds, a tablespoon of raw pecans and agave
1 tablespoon of royal jelly
1 cup of papaya
a handful of a raw nut and raisin trail mix
a vegetable juice with kale, ginger, one apple, lemon, celery
an apple
a large salad with cucumber, arugula, tomato, white beans, red cabbage, lemon juice, olive oil and balsamic vinegar
2 liters of water with lemon
1/4 of a venti coffee with milk

Check in with me tomorrow!

I want it, I want it, I really really want it! Now is a really good time. My body now restores itself to perfect weight and perfect health! One day at a time!

The 10lb countdown will you join me?

I am going public with my 10lb countdown so that I stay really present to my goal. My goal is to lose 10lbs by October 5th. I am starting another IVF cycle and it's important for me to lose the 10lbs I put on over the past few months so that I am feeling my best during this challenging time.
Would you like to join me? That's about 2lbs a week. If you are joining me make sure you post it here below.

If you want to join me answer this question.
Why do you really, really want it?
I really want it because I feel better, happier, more connected to myself and others when I feel good in my body. I really want it because I want to get pregnant and I don't want it to be with any extra weight to begin with. I really want it because I know that who I have to be to get myself there is who I really like to be.

I consider losing weight a spiritual practice. It takes mindfulness, love, willingness, self discipline, inner strength and honesty. It takes letting go of old stories about why you can't do it, why it is too hard, why it will never happen. It takes letting go of the resistance to feeling great. It takes letting go of using food as a way to go to sleep or numb ourselves and choose to eat in a way that awakens us and allows us to blossom. Letting go is a spiritual practice. In yoga we learn that to achieve enlightenment we must learn to let go. There is nothing we need to add or fix about ourselves, it is all already there but we have to let go and trust that we are already that which we want to be. Are you willing to let go?

We have to be willing to change. If we want to lose weight and keep it off we cannot rely on quick fixes, diets, diet pills, starving, over exercising, fasting or extreme behaviors. We have to really be willing to change. We have to be willing to change how we see ourself. We have to be willing to change our perspective and drop our excuses about why we can't be, do or have what we really want. Are you really willing to change?

I want to have it all! For years I tried all kinds of diets and weightloss programs. Once I was in a program called grey sheet. It is a 12 step program and it is extremely disciplined. You have to weigh and measure every single thing that goes in your mouth all the time no exceptions. If you lick the spoon or your finger that counts as a cheat and you have to report it to your sponsor. I did learn a level of self discipline and awareness I had never experienced before and that gave me a sense of feeling empowered but I didn't want to live my life like that. I decided I wanted to have it all but the only way to have it all is to have a great level of self discipline.

If you can trust yourself to follow through on your promises you can have it all. That means if you say you are not having refined carbs you don't and then when you say you are going to have one desert you do. It means being able to create a lifestyle that means you can incorporate all of your favorite things but in a way that keeps you living in the body you really feel good in.

This is very challenging for most people. Most people feel better doing extreme things but the problem is then it is almost impossible to live that way so the yo-yo syndrome, the up and down, the on and off becomes a way of life. Then most people just loose the strength to try again because they have failed so many times before they no longer believe in themselves.

Building the power to choose day to day and follow through is the Sati life way. Building a higher level of self awareness and self discipline which provides us with the freedom we are yearning for. No longer feeling out of control but feeling empowered that we can keep our word to ourself.

My plan for dropping this 10lbs is
workout 6 days a week at least one hour
no refined carbs or sugar, that means no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cereal or sweets
my meals consist of raw and cooked vegetables, nuts, yogurt, fruit, eggs, fish and vegetable juices.

My mantra is
I want it, I want it, I really really want it! Now is a really good time!
My body now restores itself to perfect weight and perfect health. I am willing now!

Sign up for the next eating with intention and awareness call September 9th 8:30pm ET email for the dial in number

Friday, August 21, 2009

Did you see me dancing naked in Union Square Park?

Hi friends,
This has been quite a week for me! On Monday I had a great opportunity to choreograph and dance in the opening number for Tyra Banks premier show that will air September 8th.
Tyra had been taking dance class and said she loved my choreography so she asked if I would choreograph a number for her and 50 other dancers. Of course I said yes, although after I found out that at the end of the number she wanted all the dancers to strip down to bra and undies I began looking for a way to back out of the whole thing! Seriously, I was not interested in being in front of millions of viewers and hundreds of New Yorkers in my underwear.

I changed my mind when the producers of the show assumed I was going to be dancing front and center. Why I thought it was a good idea to be naked next to super model Tyra Banks anywhere, I am not sure, but I did say yes!

When the moment came to strip down and pose for the cameras and paparazzi I had to seriously get over myself and just do it. It was a strange moment. In that moment I had to drop, not only my clothes but my biggest fear, being naked in front of people I am not intimately involved with. If anyone would have asked me to do that a few years ago I would have said no way! Back then I would have most likely sabatoged the whole thing and not even taken the job.

It is so interesting to think about all the things we don't let ourselves do or have when we aren't happy in our body or with ourselves. I have certainly been in much better shape in the past then I am now but I don't think in the past I would have done it. I think why I was able to get over it and do it anyway was simply because, although I value being in shape, fit, committed to a healthy lifestyle, I don't think it defines me like I used to.

But a true confession be told, I did realize I am not in the shape I want to be in and I have been living with an extra 10lbs on my body for the past 4 weeks. It did get me inspired to drop the 10 and feel better.

So here are a few questions for you:
Where might you be holding yourself back and using your body as an excuse?
Are you comfortable with your body?
Would you be willing to dance in your underwear on national TV or in Union Square park?
Are you avoiding doing things like going to the beach, falling in love, being intimate, going on interviews or auditions, making new friends, going out, going to the gym or anything else because you are not happy in your own skin?

If you are not fully proud and happy with your body and it is holding you back here is what I suggest.

1. Drop the complaining about it and truly accept where you are. Complaining only keeps you stuck. You will never have the body you love by hating the one you have!
2. Remember, you cannot lose the weight in one day. Don't put off doing the things you want to do until you lose the weight. Do it now. Procrastinating never leads to accomplishment!
3. If being overweight is really weighing you down, lose the weight! Of course it will take some inner strength to do it but that strength you develop will impact your entire life.
4. And last but not least, dance around in your underwear even if it is in your own home with no one watching. It is interesting how for many even that is a challenge!

The big lesson is don't always try to be comfortable! Get out of your comfort zone as often as you can. We spend way to much time trying to avoid being uncomfortable, embarrassed or disappointed. Instead spend more time training yourself to be comfortable with the discomfort. You will notice many more opportunities opening up for you when you are opening yourself up to them.

Confidence is sexy. It is not about how much you weigh, if your abs are totally flat, or if you don't have cellulite on your thighs. There are very few people in the world that fit that list of so called 'perfection'. Do what you need to do to feel good in your skin. Live a life you love in a body you love! Don't wait!

If you want to see the Tyra show, it airs September 8th!


The next eating with intention and awareness discussion is scheduled for Wednesday September 9th at 8:30pm ET. Please reserve at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spreading the Sati life message. I need your vote please

HI Everyone, A friend just past on this opportunity to me but I need your votes to win. There is a prize being given to small businesses that make a difference with a $100,000 marketing prize (and $3,000 to the people who nominate the top 3 finalists. I would love to have the opportunity have the marketing money to get the intenSati word out there. Please take a moment to vote Go to: OR: I submitted myself as sati life patricia moreno. It would be great to have this marketing money to help get more people interested in become intenSati leaders. I believe this practice really changes lives and helps people believe in themselves and their dreams. If more people are believing in themselves this world will be a happier place for all! Please send the link to your friends, family, neighbors, doorman, post man and anyone else who you can think of that might love a little more intenSati Joy in their lives. But please vote! Thank you in advance for taking the time! Love Patricia

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recommendations I have for you this month

If you are interested in the book I referenced on the call about writing your power statement, it was inspired by the book "5 wishes by Gay Hendricks"

If you are interested in doing some deep work on your relationship to your word and personal integrity I suggest you contact for information on groups or individual sessions.

You can also buy the intenSat workout dvd's on Intention and power and Great body great life.

Thank You,

Eating with intention and awareness

I just had my first Eating with intention and awareness call. It began with a bit of chaos because a few people were given a non working dial in number but after a rough start it smoothed out. There were 150 people on the call and I was supported by Lindsay Davis, an intensati leader who has a passion for supporting people in eating with intention and awareness as well and who will be supporting the calls.

Just a few notes for those who were on the call and for anyone else who wants to participate in the monthly assignment.

The topic of the conversation tonight was looking at how we see and deal with our body as a spiritual journey. That each and every one of us has to figure out how to take care of our own body and when we learn to deal with it powerfully and lovingly our whole life is positively impacted.

Write a power statement for yourself.
I went over in detail on the call how to get your your own power statement but basically it is if you were on your death bed and I asked you " was you life a success in the area of your body?" You would answer no and give the reason. No because I never mastered my relationship to myself. I never learned to love and respect myself and that impacted my whole life" Then you make that into a power statement or a goal.
Here is an example of one.
"my life is a total success because I mastered by relationship to myself. I really learned what it means to love and respect myself"

"my life was a total success because I learned how to make being happy a priority and I really learned to rid myself of my negative eating habits!"

"my life was a success because I really was able to end my addiction to sugar which led to me losing ___lbs and finally believing in love!"

(if you want to hear the full details download the call from my website. Go to then click on the store, then events and you will see where you can download it)

Your emotions
Notice that feelings of guilt and shame keep us disconnected from our power. The goal is to stay away from the foods that trigger those feelings or learn to stop, enjoy the food you choose to eat and be able to drop the guilt, shame or disappointment you allow yourself to dwell in afterwards. The point is that we cannot make powerful lifestyle changes from a disempowered state. Our goal is to fuel feelings of love, appreciation, courage, gratitude and self respect.

Secondly is to develop a stronger relationship to your word. Practice this month making a food promise to yourself and keeping it. The only way to get yourself from a feeling of being out of control to a feeling of empowerment is to develop trust in yourself. The way you are going to make lifestyle changes and not just quick fixes is to be able to say you are going to do something or not do something and you actually do it. There is no other way! It is between you and you. Without the ability to trust yourself to keep your word to yourself you will feel like there is nothing you can do to improve your life. If you keep thinking it is because you haven't found the right diet, diet pill or you don't know the perfect carb to fat to protein ratio for you will never find the answer you need. It is not the diet, it is the ability to get yourself to follow through, to do what you want to do, to do what you know will make you proud and feel good!

The assignment for the month
1. Make a list of foods that trigger your feelings of guilt, shame, disappointment in yourself or feel of lack of self control. Usually sugar, junk food and refined carbs.

2. Notice when you eat foods that are on this list how it makes you feel. If you do choose to eat these foods, ENJOY it! Don't waste it by feeling guilty about every bite or beating yourself up about it afterwards. That is what opens the door to overeating more. Guilt, shame and disappointment do not burn calories or fix the past. Drop it!

3. Every day make one personal promise to yourself. Make it easy! It is not about cutting calories as much as it is a practice on saying you are going to do something and doing it. If you say that tomorrow you are going to drink 8 glasses of water then tomorrow, no matter what, drink 8 glasses of water. Even if it gets to 6pm at night and you only drank 2 glasses then you better gulp down the other 6. This way you will prove to yourself you are serious and next time you won't forget to keep your word! Keep your word no matter what!

4. Acknowledge yourself or have someone acknowledge you. Have someone ask you, or you ask yourself, "what would you like to be acknowledged for?" Then you say something like, I want to be acknowledged for drinking my 8 glasses of water and for getting to the gym tonight even though I didn't want to. Then you say, or your friend, lover, husband, boyfriend etc.. acknowledges you. "I want to acknowledge you for drinking those 8 glasses of water. I know it was a challenge since you had to fit them all in at the end of the day. Great job! And also for getting yourself to the gym even though you didn't want to!" This is so important because the emotion you go to sleep with will be the emotion you wake up and start your next day with.

I hope this was helpful in developing your strength in eating with intention and awareness. For more information about me or Sati life go to or

You can download the mp3 file of this call for 10$ at Please excuse settling in at the beginning.

Please send me your comments, ideas, sugestions for other topics, or how often you would like to participate in an eating with intention and awareness call. It will help me develop exactly what will best support you in living a life you love in a body you love!

good night,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are you ready to ask for what you want?

Once a month I get together for a group meeting with the girls. We get together and work on our dreams, manifesting and supporting each other. It is led by Lauren Handel of the Handel group life coaching. This month my assignment was to get clear about what my dream for my business and to ask for bigger things. (For more info on life coaching go to my website

My big obstacle is I don't like to ask people for things. This month I am working on finding the people who can write the testimonials or quotes on the back of my book, or who are willing to write an article on my book that is coming out in January. Yes I have a pr person but I also have many personal connections and friends with connections. 

I am also working on improving my dvd sales so that I can generously repay my investors and make a new one! My assignment is to go out there not worry about getting the "no" but to get as many as I need to until I get to the yes!  

So would you like to join me? Where are you stopped, playing small, worried about being turned dow? Where have you lowered your expectations so that you don't have to go out of your comfort zone and face possibly being turned down or rejected? When I stop to think about it, what is the big deal of someone saying no? All I have to remember is eventually I will get a yes and since I am determined to succeed I can handle the no! 

Part of the series this month is "I am ready to fail, I am determined to succeed, I can handle it, now!" I am in training this month to shift my perspective about asking for things, selling my dvds and going for what I really want instead of lowering my expectations so I don't have to worry about being turned down. How about you?  

And by the way, If you do not own your copies of the intensati workout dvd's intention and power and great body great life, go to and order a few for you and your friends! If you have never tried the workout before, get these dvd's and see what it is all about. It really is a revolutionary mind and body program that will absolutely positively impact your life! Let's grow together! Go out there and ask for what you want! If you don't ask how do you expect to get it! Let me know how it goes. Post here what you are going for and what you are willing to go for! 
Love, Patricia

IF you are in fire island or close enough to come by, I am teaching this weekend, the 8th and 9th at 11am on Saturday and Sunday at the Pavillion. The cost is $20. If you need more info