Monday, April 11, 2011

Have you felt the feeling of Ah yet today?

My reason for writing the book and creating the intenSati method is to support people all over the world in living a life they love in a body they love. Why? Because if more people are doing what they really love, what they are meant to do, more people will be helping to raise the consciousness of peace and love in the world. That means fewer wars, crimes, health issues and any other circumstances created from the mind of fear.  When people are in their hearts, leading with their hearts, following their hearts and giving from their hearts they cannot do harmful things to themselves or others.

Thinner peace is living from that place of "ahhhhh". It is when the mind stops worrying about getting fat, obsessing about food, trying to work off what you ate the day before, eating and thinking about what you are going to have next instead of enjoying the food actually in your mouth. It is making conscious choices not simply being a slave to old habits. It is when we are taking care of instead of neglecting our health and peace of mind.

I remember noticing one day that I was eating and instead of paying attention to what was in my mouth I was planning on having more before I even had the chance to see if I was full after the first serving.  It was such a simple moment but such an "aha" moment for me.  Once I actually saw myself doing that I paid attention. The next time I heard myself wondering about the next serving I used it as my opportunity to stop, enjoy what I was having and simply say to myself, this is it, relax and taste it, enjoy it, there is not going to be another serving. I could feel myself actually relax and even though that little voice peeks out and tries to sell me on another one it is now something I am aware of that I do instead of who I am. Those are powerful moments because in those moments I am choosing who I want to be instead of being a slave to who I have been.

When you are in the process of changing a habit, the old habit will be negotiating for it's place. The old habit has a voice and it is the voice of reason for that habit. It is like listening to a really good salesman who can sell you things you don't need.

The voice of my old habit,
This is not enough
Have more, you can't stop now
Just this time
You deserve it
What do "they" know
You can make up for it later
no one will know
You poor thing you work so hard
Why should you have to

Your new habit will have it's own way of speaking to you and encouraging you but you will have to be choosing between one and the other. The old habit knows you so well, it has smooth talked you for years. If you want to let go, say goodbye, be free and start a new relationship with the upgraded habit you have to develop that relationship. You have to take the time to get to know each other.

The voice of the new habit
Thank you.

The voice of the upgraded habit when you are in it you may feel challenged, you may feel uncomfortable but there is a sense of freedom afterwards as opposed to after you overeat, skip your workout, eat more than you need or are criticizing yourself.  The voice of standing for your greatness, your excellence, your improved lifestyle is "yes".

So are you feeding your old habit or your new habit today? Are you listening to the voice of the old habit or are you developing the relationship of the new one?

Notice how you talk yourself into and out of doing things. Notice how you feel after you do want you know you want to do versus doing what you were trying not to do.

You are looking for ways to feed your new habits, your health, your peace of mind.  Sati means mindfulness, being mindful opens up the door to making new choices. Stay aware of your inner voice and remember that you are the thinker you are not the thought! You are the parent, not the child. You are not your thoughts you are having thoughts.

If you can write some of the thoughts down when you hear them and get a good look at them it will help you relate to your thoughts as separate from you as opposed to who you are.  You can practice empowering thoughts that lead to empowering positive habits.

Peace and love,