Thursday, June 24, 2010

It works if you work it! Keep it up! Ahhhhsome!

I am teaching in fire island the pines every Saturday at 11:00am in the Pavilion. $20
Natalia is teaching in the Hamptons every Sunday at at 10:30am
Warrior challenge begins July 2nd. Go to for details on how to participate! 

Good news!
Last week I went in for a gestational diabetes test and the results came back very high. Cut off # for normal is 130 and my number was 205. The nurse said that the numbers were so high that unless I happened to get someone else's result she was sure I had gestational diabetes but that I needed to take the more extensive test anyway. So over the past 5 days I ahhhed that my test came back normal and no signs of diabetes. I took the second test on Monday and I got a call from the nurse today with the results of my second test who said, "well I don't know what happened but your numbers couldn't be more normal" aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Coinicidence? I DOUBT IT!

I hope you are still in it and aaaahhing. Don't give it up, don't skip a day, don't get impatient just aaahhhh and assume what you want is on it's way!
Keep it up, it works if you work it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sati Life Challenge! Having a breakthrough! Stay in the game!

UPDATES: I am teaching in fire island Pines every saturday at 11:00 in the Pavillion. for more info

Join the warrior challenge! Begins July 2nd. You commit to 4 intenSati classes a week and 2 of them 6:30am and you will get a one month free all access pass to Equinox locations. Go to for details or send an email to You must apply before June 30th. 

In the Hamptons you can take intenSati with Natalia every Sunday at 10:30am at Summer Kicks.

Do you ever find that when you are meditating or imagining the shift in your life that you want to make and yet your mind is full of doubt that it can really take place?

Here are a few tips to help you shift.

1. Try starting out by saying "wouldn't if be nice if..." This will allow you to just imagine and dream. The goal is to simply free your mind and open your heart. A miracle is a shift from fear to love. Wouldn't that be nice?

2. As you walk around your day point out things that support your vision of what you want and that yes! it can happen. If you want to lose weight look around acknowledging people who look or live the way you want to. If you are interested in a certain career and you see someone doing it well, mentally affirm, Yes! I can do that too. This will help you see that it is possible but you have to consistently open your mind and allow the shift to happen.

3. When you are doing your meditation ask yourself, "what do I have to let go of in order to allow this to manifest in my life?" Is it fear, doubt, worry, blame, pessimism, procrastination or anger? Pick the one or two that are strongest in your mind and while in your meditation Ahhhhh that you release that obstacle to your success. Imagine how it would feel if for one day you no longer doubted yourself or were paralyzed by fear and feel the relief.

Remember most of all be patient and consistent. Infinite patience brings about immediate results. Relax and simply enjoy that now you engaged in your life and doing your part to create and live a life you really love now!

Enjoy today!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You were born to fly! 6/16/10

You were born to fly! When we tap into our genius self, our creative self, our higher self we feel limitless, alive, happy, awake and engaged in our lives. The purpose of our life is to be happy! When we are giving what we are meant to give we experience true happiness. When we are living life wondering when life is going to give us what we want we walk around feeling like there is something missing, something wrong. With a simple shift of perspective your whole life can take on a whole new meaning.
We each are unique and see the world with our unique eyes. No one can see the world the way you see it. No one can write what you write how you write it. No one can have your child or sing your song the way you do. There never was nor will ever be another human being just like you! Our work is to find our work and bring it forth to benefit others.
When you do the ah meditation I suggest you envision yourself doing your divine work and receiving divine pay even if you are not sure what that work is, see and feel yourself totally happy and fulfilled. Remember, when you are doing the Ah meditation it is not time to plead and beg for what you want. When you do that you are reinforcing the lack of that thing. Instead you want to reinforce your faith that it is done. See it as done, feel it as done and let yourself feel the joy of it being here NOW.
It is the emotion that creates change not just the words. Call up that feeling of ecstasy and enjoy the moment fully and completely. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and soon enough it will have to show up in your life. Simply practice infinite patience and do the meditation simply to enjoy the process of being a deliberate participant in the co-creating of your own life! Infinite patience brings about immediate results.
Don't skip your meditation today! What you desire is on it's way. Ask it is given, believe it and receive it.
Love Patricia UPDATES: 6/20 I am doing a yogasati workout and manifesting meditation workshop at pure yoga in NYC on east 86th street. A blissful and powerful practice to do in a group. Yogasati is a flowing yoga class with affirmations and then we will do a group Ah meditation. Go to to register. I hope you will join me.
WARRIOR CHALLENGE: Yes another challenge. 30 days of intenSati. Here is your chance to immerse yourself in some intenSati for one month. If you are NOT an equinox member and live in the area this is YOUR TIME! You commit to 4 Sati classes a week, and 2 of them 6:30 in the morning and we will give you a free one month pass to Equinox.
To be eligible you must not have done a warrior challenge or used a month guest pass before. You must rsvp by June 29th. For full details go to If you are an Equinox all access member you can also participate. Reserve your spot at

Monday, June 14, 2010

Doing the ah meditation is a great way to practice bringing more joy into your life. As we practice this meditation we are practicing feeling good, imagining our success. shifting our mindset from one of fear to one of love. How many times have you said you wanted a shift to happen in your life yet you feel imprisoned in your fearful, pessimistic, or cynical mindset? You cannot become anything you are not willing to become first in consciousness. Marianne Williamson reminds us that everything on earth is a reflection of the thought behind it. The Ah meditation helps us to practice becoming who we really want to be. It is an exercise for your brain, your concentration, your ability to feel more joy and self awareness.

The purpose of our life is to be happy, to bring forth something that no one else can bring forth, your divine work. The universe is always working on your behalf but you must be in the frame of mind to allow it. Tips for today: Do your meditation even if you can only do a few minutes When you find yourself complaining, blaming, worrying or angry, ask yourself, is it really worth it? Is this mindset helping or hindering my joyful state of mind. Walk forward confidently in the direction of your dreams and take action. If you get a hunch an inspiration or an opportunity to move forward towards your manifestation, take it. A big part of this meditation practice is it helps develop a higher level of intuition. You are always begin guided from within. When you feel enthusiasm or excitement about something, go for it. Don't procrastinate, celebrate it and move forward! If you have things you are putting off that are causing you to feel anxious or upset, take care of it immediately! Clear your conscious ASAP! It will get in the way of you feeling good. Don't put it off. If you want to practice with me join me this Sunday June 20th at Pure yoga for a yogaSati workout and AH meditation workshop. It is from 4-6pm. Go to to register or email for more info. I will also be in Fire Island teaching on Saturdays most weekends. If you want my schedule email If you are in the Hamptons you can take intenSati at Summer Kicks. Go to or email for more info. In Joy! Patricia Moreno

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meditation challenge continues. Updates, testimonials and a request

It is now two weeks into the meditation and I am so thrilled at the turnout. The number of people that have taken on this challenge is mind blowing. I love walking around the gym and hear so many people talking about it to each other and sharing stories. I am SO excited for all of you that are taking it on. 
If you haven't started the meditation but now you want to join, it is NOT too late. It is the "meditations for manifesting" by Wayne Dyer. You can get an iphone application, download on, or go the old fashioned way and go to Barnes and Noble. You can also find it on youtube and listen to it for free online.
If you want to learn more about it in person I will be doing a YogaSati workshop at Pure Yoga East in NYC. from 4-6pm. I wil be introducing the meditation and we will discuss FAQ's and do a 20 minute meditation as well as a one hour yogasati workout. Doing it is a group is amazingly powerful. Please join me if you can. To register go to Please RSVP asap!
I will be teaching in the Pines Fire Island every saturday at 10am. This week at the community Center. The cost is $20.00. If you have questions or want to 
IntenSati class with open guest list for you those of you who want to start you day off right! Darbi is going to start teaching THIS week at 74th/2nd on Thursday mornings at 6:30AM! Open guest list. Just show up and bring your ID
FROM YOUR FELLOW SATI MEDITATORS! "I have been doing the meditations for almost a week. I have wanted to trade in my car for awhile, so I decided to meditate about that. Well yesterday I pulled out of the car lot with my new car. While the payments are not as low as I hoped, this car is exactly what I wanted. It is even the color that I pictured in my mind! By the way, I tried to trade in my old car about a month ago with no luck. If anyone thinks meditating about "things" makes you shallow, it dosen't. We all deserve to live the best life possible and some of those "things" will help you to do just that. I even have my mother thinking about joining the 30 day challenge! Thank you Patricia for bringing this into my life!"
"So this morning I finished my meditations. I have been meditating on manifesting paying writing opportunities. Less than an hour later, I received a phone call to work on a magazine article for a new sports therapy. I have been asked to set my price for the article and then can submit to magazines for publications for which I can be paid again! Love meditating, love that I manifested you in my life!"
"Mara Lamson Hanlon While walking on the beach tonight in Maine, I could not help but think about the devastating oil spill. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone in your meditation group all together would dedicate a day or a day and time to meditate on the oil spill stopping or being stopped. Imagine what that could do."
I think it would be great if we all add the effortless and complete cleaning up of the oil spill to our meditation it would be AMAZING. I am in, are you?
Send me your questions or breakthroughs! share share share!!! LOVE Patricia

Meditation Challenge. A picture is worth a thousand words. 6/9/10

I hope you are still in the game. Remember if you miss a day or even haven't started yet is is NOT too late. Start now, don't wait. 

Even if you do a few minutes to start with to get yourself in the groove it will benefit you. Getting started is the hardest part and being consistent is what will make all the difference.

"What you pray believing, shall be"

Affirmative prayer is the way to participate fully in the co-creation process. Affirmative prayer is not a pleading or begging prayer, it is seeing it as done and then giving thanks you know its on it's way. This meditation is just that, affirmative prayer.

If you can be sure that when you pray believing it is so, it shall be, so why not pray? 

I believe every thought we think is a prayer and we are praying all the time and worrying and complaining is like praying for what you DON"T want. When you find yourself worried, scared, depressed or uncertain about how or what to do next, instead of letting that feeling linger, do you part to shift it. Meditate.

When you do your meditation create a picture in your mind of the image of your success. Bring up the feeling of how you will feel when the wish is fulfilled. It's all about the feeling. 

"There is no happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey" Are you willing to be happy today?

Keep me posted on your results or questions!

Friday, June 4, 2010

30 day Meditation challenge. Another inspiring story! Keep it up!

I got a text from my sister today that just said "call asap". I knew it was probably she had another fun story to share about results she was getting from her meditation. When I called her she just said, call Marilyn right away! It was another sister. She didn't sound panicked so I figured it was good news. 
When I called my sister Marilyn, who is an amazing family law attorney in norther California, she was half crying half laughing and I wasn't quite sure if it was good or not yet. She then starts to tell this story...
"I woke up this morning and was preparing to go for an early walk and realized that my wallet was missing. I panicked because I am leaving on a trip later and I had $3000.00 in it as well as my Id and things I needed to go on my trip. I was in a panic. I tore the house apart, woke everyone up to have them help me find it, called the friends I had dinner with tracked my steps and it was no where to be found. Feeling completely at a loss I had the thought to meditate. I thought, it has to work, I am going on my walk and I am going to ah. I ahh'd for the 10 minutes in the car and as I hiked up the hills for an hour. I was crying and ahhing and people kept stopping me along the way to ask if I was ok! I just kept going. As soon as I walked in the door the phone rang. My office manager called to say that my wallet was found and because there was so much money and important papers in it they locked in a safe and that I could go by anytime to pick it up"
She was besides herself with excitement that the meditation had worked. She then went on to share that since the first time she did the meditation a few weeks ago with me while I was there her allergies had totally disappeared. She had had allergies so badly that she was taking strong medication that wasn't working anyway so she discontinued it and continued to meditate. She is completely free from allergies and is sure it is from the meditation.
So there is nothing to big or to small to AH for. Do it everyday and celebrate being the master of your fate. MEDITATE!
If you have a story to share pass it on to me so we can all stay inspired! LOVE, Patricia I am speaking at Unity Church this Sunday June 6th at 11:00am. It is at Symphony Space on Broadway and 95th. Join me! I would love to see some familiar faces there.
Also beginning June 12 I will be teaching Sunday's in the Pines in Fire Island at the community center at 10:00am. Cost of class is $20.00 and a portion is donated to the community center. If you want to be on the fire island contact list email and I will update you on any class changes that occur.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Be the master of your fate. Meditate! One week down! Sharing results.

Years ago I introduced the Ah meditation to my sister who was struggling with a painful and life threatening illness called scleroderma. We also went to meet and learn the meditation directly from Wayne Dyer's guru Siva Baba. She has been committed to doing it ever since. I asked her to write a testimonial for you to inspire you to keep it up. In her daily meditation she Ah's for herself and her family as well. She sends me emails or calls me nearly daily to tell me of the amazing things that are happening for her all the time. Here is an example of a few.

Okay, one of my most recent manifestations is Patrick, (my son) wanted to get into a tournament (he is a golfer) of which he was way down on the waiting list. He had really no chance to make it from the list into the tournament. He asked me to AHH for him that he would get in. I told him that he should have had me doing that a lot earlier (he had a month) but that it was done. He would get into this tournament. I asked him how he wanted to be notified that he was in, and he said through email. So... I ahhhed for him every time I ahhed, which is daily. A few weeks ago he came running downstairs holding his laptop: "MOM, HERE IS THE EMAIL SAYING THAT SOMEONE HAS RECOMMENDED THAT I BE ADMITTED INTO THE TOURNAMENT FROM THE WAIT LIST AND THAT THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR AGREES AND THAT I'M IN!!" He knows, without a doubt, as do I, that it was the Ahhhhing that got him in.

There are so many testimonials I have; they're really countless and in all aspects of my life and the life of my family. The biggest and most significant for me, however, is that I have gone into remission from a disease that every doctor (Stanford, UCSF) said was not possible. I ahhed religiously for years and reached little and big milestone along the way, through ahhing, and have come to a point where my blood tests no longer show any signs of the disease (which BTW, I specifically said in my meditations.)

I ahh to manifest big (my car) and small (compliments) things, significant (my health) and
insignificant (parking spaces) things. Nothing is off limits and almost everything comes to fruition. I now get requests from my family members!!! 

Hope this inspires!! Norma

Keep it up. Don't let one day go by. Enjoy becoming the master of you fate! Meditate! If not now, when?


There is no happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey. Meditate

There is no happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey. Make today the most precious day of all, for no reason at all. Make it easy to feel good and celebrate your power to co-create and live a life you love. Meditate!
Impatience. When you feel yourself becoming impatient, just know it is part of the journey and know that delay does not mean denial. Just know it is all working out and divine order is being established in your life even when you don't see evidence of it. Faith and patience is a must. You must simply let go of your idea of when and where it should happen and let go and let the universe work on your behalf.
End your day. Make it a daily practice to look back at your day and acknowledge all the good things that happened. No matter how big or small, appreciation is a very high vibrational state. That is what the OM meditation does at the end of your day. Go to sleep at night with thoughts of love and gratitude and you will always wake up in the state of mind you went to sleep in.
Remember. It's not about collecting stuff or getting something, it is about participating consciously and deliberately in the co-creation process of each and every day and being thrilled to be the conscious creator of the life you choose to live. There is no happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey. Your work is to make today the most precious of all days, for no reason at all.
Keep meditating. It works if you work it! with love, Patricia

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prosperity Meditation Challenge! An inspiring testimonial! June 1, 2010

I asked Darbi, one of my intenSati leaders to put into words some of the powerful results she has experienced since devoting herself to this meditation. Keep it up, it works if you work it! Love, Patricia The AH Meditation was assigned to me by Patricia as part of my leader training. I never in a million years would have done this on my own and I was very resistant to it. I was supposed to start on February 1 and I didn't even get around to trying it until mid-February. I have been doing the AH Meditation nearly daily now for about 3.5 months. I started with only five minutes and now do up to twenty, depending upon my schedule. The results have been so numerous I don't even know where to start but here are some fun things that have happened:
1. I have been meditating about a number I want to hit in my VO business. Almost EVERY DAY that I meditate on this number I get a booking or a new client or I go to a session and discover that I'm recording not one, but three spots. The very FIRST day I ah'd on that number, I booked a new account that should pay me almost as much money as I earned all last year! 
2. I was supposed to move into a sublet in March and the deal fell apart the day before I was to move in. I was thoroughly stressed out, looking at twenty apartments a day and not finding anything that was right. I ah'd and thought, "bright sunny studio I can afford, bright sunny studio I can afford." I found the apartment THAT DAY. I am writing this from an amazing apartment on one of the coolest blocks in Manhattan. The sun pours in every morning. It even has a balcony and a roof deck and is the rent is $600 less than I was paying in my old place. 3. I heard Patricia talk about "unexpected income" last week so I thought I'd give that a whirl this morning. This afternoon, only FOUR HOURS after my ahs, I got two residual checks totally nearly a thousand dollars. For some RADIO spots. I hardly ever get residuals on radio spots!! Talk about unexpected and awesome!
4. About a month into my relationship with my boyfriend, I was experiencing some fear and anxiety about whether or not my feelings were reciprocated. I ah'd and borrowed an affirmation from Erin's class, "I let it go, I let it be, my heart is open and I am free." In the interest of protecting his privacy, I won't give you details but I will tell you that THAT NIGHT we had a conversation that left no doubts whatsoever in my mind. We are crazy in love...I don't want to get ahead of myself, but this could be "the" guy!
5. I am an intenSati leader and had been waiting months to audition for Equinox. I was getting frustrated and thinking of abandoning my goal of teaching intenSati and simply auditioning at another club to teach something else. I ah'd and imagined myself teaching to a packed room at Greenwich and THAT AFTERNOON, I got an email inviting me to audition. I got the job but getting a class on the schedule was taking longer than I hoped. I ah'd and imagined myself teaching to a packed room at Greenwich and THAT AFTERNOON I got an email about a potential class for me starting in June! 
6. I heard of an opportunity to teach in Mexico. I ah'd and imagined my boyfriend and myself on the beach. One week later, we were running on the sands of Tulum! I could go on and on because I have many more stories like that but you get the idea. 
My non-Sati friends think I'm crazy, of course, saying things like, "yeah,'re MAGIC!" but I don't care. Meditation has been recommended to me for years. I was hugely skeptical but I simply cannot argue with these results. I will never stop meditating!! Thank you, P-Mo for sharing this wonderful gift with me. I'm paying it forward, you can be sure! Love, Darbi If you are interested in Leader training, the next session is June7-11th in NYC. Email for more details. It will rock your world! Join the growing team of amazing leaders now!