Friday, June 4, 2010

30 day Meditation challenge. Another inspiring story! Keep it up!

I got a text from my sister today that just said "call asap". I knew it was probably she had another fun story to share about results she was getting from her meditation. When I called her she just said, call Marilyn right away! It was another sister. She didn't sound panicked so I figured it was good news. 
When I called my sister Marilyn, who is an amazing family law attorney in norther California, she was half crying half laughing and I wasn't quite sure if it was good or not yet. She then starts to tell this story...
"I woke up this morning and was preparing to go for an early walk and realized that my wallet was missing. I panicked because I am leaving on a trip later and I had $3000.00 in it as well as my Id and things I needed to go on my trip. I was in a panic. I tore the house apart, woke everyone up to have them help me find it, called the friends I had dinner with tracked my steps and it was no where to be found. Feeling completely at a loss I had the thought to meditate. I thought, it has to work, I am going on my walk and I am going to ah. I ahh'd for the 10 minutes in the car and as I hiked up the hills for an hour. I was crying and ahhing and people kept stopping me along the way to ask if I was ok! I just kept going. As soon as I walked in the door the phone rang. My office manager called to say that my wallet was found and because there was so much money and important papers in it they locked in a safe and that I could go by anytime to pick it up"
She was besides herself with excitement that the meditation had worked. She then went on to share that since the first time she did the meditation a few weeks ago with me while I was there her allergies had totally disappeared. She had had allergies so badly that she was taking strong medication that wasn't working anyway so she discontinued it and continued to meditate. She is completely free from allergies and is sure it is from the meditation.
So there is nothing to big or to small to AH for. Do it everyday and celebrate being the master of your fate. MEDITATE!
If you have a story to share pass it on to me so we can all stay inspired! LOVE, Patricia I am speaking at Unity Church this Sunday June 6th at 11:00am. It is at Symphony Space on Broadway and 95th. Join me! I would love to see some familiar faces there.
Also beginning June 12 I will be teaching Sunday's in the Pines in Fire Island at the community center at 10:00am. Cost of class is $20.00 and a portion is donated to the community center. If you want to be on the fire island contact list email and I will update you on any class changes that occur.