Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sati Life Challenge! Having a breakthrough! Stay in the game!

UPDATES: I am teaching in fire island Pines every saturday at 11:00 in the Pavillion. Rsvp@intensati.com for more info

Join the warrior challenge! Begins July 2nd. You commit to 4 intenSati classes a week and 2 of them 6:30am and you will get a one month free all access pass to Equinox locations. Go to satilife.com for details or send an email to rsvp@satilife.com. You must apply before June 30th. 

In the Hamptons you can take intenSati with Natalia every Sunday at 10:30am at Summer Kicks. Summerkicksfitness.com

Do you ever find that when you are meditating or imagining the shift in your life that you want to make and yet your mind is full of doubt that it can really take place?

Here are a few tips to help you shift.

1. Try starting out by saying "wouldn't if be nice if..." This will allow you to just imagine and dream. The goal is to simply free your mind and open your heart. A miracle is a shift from fear to love. Wouldn't that be nice?

2. As you walk around your day point out things that support your vision of what you want and that yes! it can happen. If you want to lose weight look around acknowledging people who look or live the way you want to. If you are interested in a certain career and you see someone doing it well, mentally affirm, Yes! I can do that too. This will help you see that it is possible but you have to consistently open your mind and allow the shift to happen.

3. When you are doing your meditation ask yourself, "what do I have to let go of in order to allow this to manifest in my life?" Is it fear, doubt, worry, blame, pessimism, procrastination or anger? Pick the one or two that are strongest in your mind and while in your meditation Ahhhhh that you release that obstacle to your success. Imagine how it would feel if for one day you no longer doubted yourself or were paralyzed by fear and feel the relief.

Remember most of all be patient and consistent. Infinite patience brings about immediate results. Relax and simply enjoy that now you engaged in your life and doing your part to create and live a life you really love now!

Enjoy today!