Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meditation challenge continues. Updates, testimonials and a request

It is now two weeks into the meditation and I am so thrilled at the turnout. The number of people that have taken on this challenge is mind blowing. I love walking around the gym and hear so many people talking about it to each other and sharing stories. I am SO excited for all of you that are taking it on. 
If you haven't started the meditation but now you want to join, it is NOT too late. It is the "meditations for manifesting" by Wayne Dyer. You can get an iphone application, download on, or go the old fashioned way and go to Barnes and Noble. You can also find it on youtube and listen to it for free online.
If you want to learn more about it in person I will be doing a YogaSati workshop at Pure Yoga East in NYC. from 4-6pm. I wil be introducing the meditation and we will discuss FAQ's and do a 20 minute meditation as well as a one hour yogasati workout. Doing it is a group is amazingly powerful. Please join me if you can. To register go to Please RSVP asap!
I will be teaching in the Pines Fire Island every saturday at 10am. This week at the community Center. The cost is $20.00. If you have questions or want to 
IntenSati class with open guest list for you those of you who want to start you day off right! Darbi is going to start teaching THIS week at 74th/2nd on Thursday mornings at 6:30AM! Open guest list. Just show up and bring your ID
FROM YOUR FELLOW SATI MEDITATORS! "I have been doing the meditations for almost a week. I have wanted to trade in my car for awhile, so I decided to meditate about that. Well yesterday I pulled out of the car lot with my new car. While the payments are not as low as I hoped, this car is exactly what I wanted. It is even the color that I pictured in my mind! By the way, I tried to trade in my old car about a month ago with no luck. If anyone thinks meditating about "things" makes you shallow, it dosen't. We all deserve to live the best life possible and some of those "things" will help you to do just that. I even have my mother thinking about joining the 30 day challenge! Thank you Patricia for bringing this into my life!"
"So this morning I finished my meditations. I have been meditating on manifesting paying writing opportunities. Less than an hour later, I received a phone call to work on a magazine article for a new sports therapy. I have been asked to set my price for the article and then can submit to magazines for publications for which I can be paid again! Love meditating, love that I manifested you in my life!"
"Mara Lamson Hanlon While walking on the beach tonight in Maine, I could not help but think about the devastating oil spill. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone in your meditation group all together would dedicate a day or a day and time to meditate on the oil spill stopping or being stopped. Imagine what that could do."
I think it would be great if we all add the effortless and complete cleaning up of the oil spill to our meditation it would be AMAZING. I am in, are you?
Send me your questions or breakthroughs! share share share!!! LOVE Patricia