Monday, January 31, 2011

Join me for the New York Preview of bodysoulSati. Perfect weight. Perfect health.

Introduction to bodysoulSati! Join me this Sunday from 2:30-4pm 
February 6th 
Equinox Greenwich Ave. NYC
 Register at $20.00
Space is limited please pre register asap!
bodysoulSati: Your body now restores itself to perfect weight and perfect health.

A major influence on your weight, and well-being is your mindset and your willingness to feel your emotions. I developed the bodysoulSati program for you if you are ready to make 2011 your happiest and your healthiest year yet!

After having a baby and gaining 40lbs and losing 50lbs before my daughter turned 4 months old I realized that when you are not mentally or emotionally attached to the weight your body knows what to do to get itself back to a balanced and healthy state but the essential part of your success is your mindset. I wanted to put what I have experienced into a practice for anyone who is tired of being trying the latest fad or diet and ready to be the healthier and happier you.

bodysoulSati is the practice of allowing your body to restores itself to perfect weight and perfect health. It is developed to strengthen your body, awaken your soul and to develop the consciousness of a happy and healthy person. Change your mind and your body will follow. When you let go of your old way of thinking and empower a more loving and accepting state of mind, you allow your body’s natural intelligence to take over. Your body is always working to reset itself to perfect weight and perfect health and you can support that optimal weight and health by training your body, awakening your soul and making conscious contact with your higher mind all at the same time.

The key components to the bodysoulSati workout.
Body :A fluid series of movements that focuses on slimming your lower body as well as improving core strength and balance. These exercises ignite your metabolism and feel graceful and empowering at the same time.

Soul: The leg series are combined with soul awakening affirmations that will help you feel the presence of love, courage, gratitude, peace and acceptance. These are powerfully healing emotions and will alter how you feel about your self and your body. 

Sati: Sati means mindfulness and it is the foundation of change. Choice is a function of awareness and making the conscious choice to change how you see yourself, how you think and what you do will result in optimal weight and health. Each practice will end with a powerful meditation that will help you make life enhancing choices more easily and consistently.

Join me Sunday February 6th from 2:30-4:00 to experience it for yourself. 
Register now and pay in advance at No money will be taken at the door.

I hope to see you there! I will not be teaching my regularly scheduled classes from February 8-28th

With love,
Patricia Moreno

I recommend doing "getting into the Vortex" meditation for physical well-being along with this workout.