Monday, June 14, 2010

Doing the ah meditation is a great way to practice bringing more joy into your life. As we practice this meditation we are practicing feeling good, imagining our success. shifting our mindset from one of fear to one of love. How many times have you said you wanted a shift to happen in your life yet you feel imprisoned in your fearful, pessimistic, or cynical mindset? You cannot become anything you are not willing to become first in consciousness. Marianne Williamson reminds us that everything on earth is a reflection of the thought behind it. The Ah meditation helps us to practice becoming who we really want to be. It is an exercise for your brain, your concentration, your ability to feel more joy and self awareness.

The purpose of our life is to be happy, to bring forth something that no one else can bring forth, your divine work. The universe is always working on your behalf but you must be in the frame of mind to allow it. Tips for today: Do your meditation even if you can only do a few minutes When you find yourself complaining, blaming, worrying or angry, ask yourself, is it really worth it? Is this mindset helping or hindering my joyful state of mind. Walk forward confidently in the direction of your dreams and take action. If you get a hunch an inspiration or an opportunity to move forward towards your manifestation, take it. A big part of this meditation practice is it helps develop a higher level of intuition. You are always begin guided from within. When you feel enthusiasm or excitement about something, go for it. Don't procrastinate, celebrate it and move forward! If you have things you are putting off that are causing you to feel anxious or upset, take care of it immediately! Clear your conscious ASAP! It will get in the way of you feeling good. Don't put it off. If you want to practice with me join me this Sunday June 20th at Pure yoga for a yogaSati workout and AH meditation workshop. It is from 4-6pm. Go to to register or email for more info. I will also be in Fire Island teaching on Saturdays most weekends. If you want my schedule email If you are in the Hamptons you can take intenSati at Summer Kicks. Go to or email for more info. In Joy! Patricia Moreno