Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You were born to fly! 6/16/10

You were born to fly! When we tap into our genius self, our creative self, our higher self we feel limitless, alive, happy, awake and engaged in our lives. The purpose of our life is to be happy! When we are giving what we are meant to give we experience true happiness. When we are living life wondering when life is going to give us what we want we walk around feeling like there is something missing, something wrong. With a simple shift of perspective your whole life can take on a whole new meaning.
We each are unique and see the world with our unique eyes. No one can see the world the way you see it. No one can write what you write how you write it. No one can have your child or sing your song the way you do. There never was nor will ever be another human being just like you! Our work is to find our work and bring it forth to benefit others.
When you do the ah meditation I suggest you envision yourself doing your divine work and receiving divine pay even if you are not sure what that work is, see and feel yourself totally happy and fulfilled. Remember, when you are doing the Ah meditation it is not time to plead and beg for what you want. When you do that you are reinforcing the lack of that thing. Instead you want to reinforce your faith that it is done. See it as done, feel it as done and let yourself feel the joy of it being here NOW.
It is the emotion that creates change not just the words. Call up that feeling of ecstasy and enjoy the moment fully and completely. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and soon enough it will have to show up in your life. Simply practice infinite patience and do the meditation simply to enjoy the process of being a deliberate participant in the co-creating of your own life! Infinite patience brings about immediate results.
Don't skip your meditation today! What you desire is on it's way. Ask it is given, believe it and receive it.
Love Patricia UPDATES: 6/20 I am doing a yogasati workout and manifesting meditation workshop at pure yoga in NYC on east 86th street. A blissful and powerful practice to do in a group. Yogasati is a flowing yoga class with affirmations and then we will do a group Ah meditation. Go to to register. I hope you will join me.
WARRIOR CHALLENGE: Yes another challenge. 30 days of intenSati. Here is your chance to immerse yourself in some intenSati for one month. If you are NOT an equinox member and live in the area this is YOUR TIME! You commit to 4 Sati classes a week, and 2 of them 6:30 in the morning and we will give you a free one month pass to Equinox.
To be eligible you must not have done a warrior challenge or used a month guest pass before. You must rsvp by June 29th. For full details go to If you are an Equinox all access member you can also participate. Reserve your spot at