Thursday, June 24, 2010

It works if you work it! Keep it up! Ahhhhsome!

I am teaching in fire island the pines every Saturday at 11:00am in the Pavilion. $20
Natalia is teaching in the Hamptons every Sunday at at 10:30am
Warrior challenge begins July 2nd. Go to for details on how to participate! 

Good news!
Last week I went in for a gestational diabetes test and the results came back very high. Cut off # for normal is 130 and my number was 205. The nurse said that the numbers were so high that unless I happened to get someone else's result she was sure I had gestational diabetes but that I needed to take the more extensive test anyway. So over the past 5 days I ahhhed that my test came back normal and no signs of diabetes. I took the second test on Monday and I got a call from the nurse today with the results of my second test who said, "well I don't know what happened but your numbers couldn't be more normal" aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Coinicidence? I DOUBT IT!

I hope you are still in it and aaaahhing. Don't give it up, don't skip a day, don't get impatient just aaahhhh and assume what you want is on it's way!
Keep it up, it works if you work it!