Thursday, June 3, 2010

Be the master of your fate. Meditate! One week down! Sharing results.

Years ago I introduced the Ah meditation to my sister who was struggling with a painful and life threatening illness called scleroderma. We also went to meet and learn the meditation directly from Wayne Dyer's guru Siva Baba. She has been committed to doing it ever since. I asked her to write a testimonial for you to inspire you to keep it up. In her daily meditation she Ah's for herself and her family as well. She sends me emails or calls me nearly daily to tell me of the amazing things that are happening for her all the time. Here is an example of a few.

Okay, one of my most recent manifestations is Patrick, (my son) wanted to get into a tournament (he is a golfer) of which he was way down on the waiting list. He had really no chance to make it from the list into the tournament. He asked me to AHH for him that he would get in. I told him that he should have had me doing that a lot earlier (he had a month) but that it was done. He would get into this tournament. I asked him how he wanted to be notified that he was in, and he said through email. So... I ahhhed for him every time I ahhed, which is daily. A few weeks ago he came running downstairs holding his laptop: "MOM, HERE IS THE EMAIL SAYING THAT SOMEONE HAS RECOMMENDED THAT I BE ADMITTED INTO THE TOURNAMENT FROM THE WAIT LIST AND THAT THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR AGREES AND THAT I'M IN!!" He knows, without a doubt, as do I, that it was the Ahhhhing that got him in.

There are so many testimonials I have; they're really countless and in all aspects of my life and the life of my family. The biggest and most significant for me, however, is that I have gone into remission from a disease that every doctor (Stanford, UCSF) said was not possible. I ahhed religiously for years and reached little and big milestone along the way, through ahhing, and have come to a point where my blood tests no longer show any signs of the disease (which BTW, I specifically said in my meditations.)

I ahh to manifest big (my car) and small (compliments) things, significant (my health) and
insignificant (parking spaces) things. Nothing is off limits and almost everything comes to fruition. I now get requests from my family members!!! 

Hope this inspires!! Norma

Keep it up. Don't let one day go by. Enjoy becoming the master of you fate! Meditate! If not now, when?