Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are you ready to ask for what you want?

Once a month I get together for a group meeting with the girls. We get together and work on our dreams, manifesting and supporting each other. It is led by Lauren Handel of the Handel group life coaching. This month my assignment was to get clear about what my dream for my business and to ask for bigger things. (For more info on life coaching go to my website

My big obstacle is I don't like to ask people for things. This month I am working on finding the people who can write the testimonials or quotes on the back of my book, or who are willing to write an article on my book that is coming out in January. Yes I have a pr person but I also have many personal connections and friends with connections. 

I am also working on improving my dvd sales so that I can generously repay my investors and make a new one! My assignment is to go out there not worry about getting the "no" but to get as many as I need to until I get to the yes!  

So would you like to join me? Where are you stopped, playing small, worried about being turned dow? Where have you lowered your expectations so that you don't have to go out of your comfort zone and face possibly being turned down or rejected? When I stop to think about it, what is the big deal of someone saying no? All I have to remember is eventually I will get a yes and since I am determined to succeed I can handle the no! 

Part of the series this month is "I am ready to fail, I am determined to succeed, I can handle it, now!" I am in training this month to shift my perspective about asking for things, selling my dvds and going for what I really want instead of lowering my expectations so I don't have to worry about being turned down. How about you?  

And by the way, If you do not own your copies of the intensati workout dvd's intention and power and great body great life, go to and order a few for you and your friends! If you have never tried the workout before, get these dvd's and see what it is all about. It really is a revolutionary mind and body program that will absolutely positively impact your life! Let's grow together! Go out there and ask for what you want! If you don't ask how do you expect to get it! Let me know how it goes. Post here what you are going for and what you are willing to go for! 
Love, Patricia

IF you are in fire island or close enough to come by, I am teaching this weekend, the 8th and 9th at 11am on Saturday and Sunday at the Pavillion. The cost is $20. If you need more info