Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 8 No Sugar

I am happy to report that this is day 8 no sugar.  I think the thing that is most surprising is how much I am really craving it.  I honestly thought it would be much easier than it is.   In my mind I wasn't even really having that much sugar.  The things I cut out from my diet are, agave in my oatmeal in the morning or in my tea.  If I had toast or an english muffin I would have honey or Jam on it.  In cut out fruit which normally I would have in the afternoon.  I also cut out the piece or two of dark chocolate I would have at night before bed. I also cut out all yogurt, even plain yogurt and I switched my bread from whole wheat to gluten free.  

What I have added that has helped a lot is lots of water with lemon and stevia.  I am drinking a fermented drink called coco biotics. I found it on Donna Gates website. She wrote the book, Body Ecology Diet.  It is said to  improve digestion, reduce sugar cravings, increase energy and improve liver cleansing.  

So when I have the sugar cravings I realize it has nothing to do with hunger but really just a habit. I just have to let it pass and it always does.  What is really helping is that I am committed to the 30 days and no matter what.  So even when a craving does show up I know I am not going to give in to it so it just goes away.  It also really helps to blog about it because it keeps me committed.  

Honestly I think the thing that feels the best is not even getting the sugar out of my body but the feeling I feel when I don't give in to a craving.  I have given up many other things before and I think it is a good practice to upgrade your habits and to train yourself to get yourself to do what you really want to get yourself to do.  It takes practice and it takes self discipline but like everything it is a practice.  
What this practice will provide you with is freedom. The freedom to choose what you want to do and follow through.  

I highly recommend you pick one habit to upgrade. Pick anything but pick something. It doesn't have to be that big. It can be anything you think will improve your life.  Make it easy enough that you will succeed but challenging enough that you will gain self discipline from it.  Remember it is not only about the result you will get from improving the habit but the inner strength and self respect you will build in taking it on.

What are you willing to do to improve your health and well being?

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