Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Sati Challenge begins with choosing food that suits you!

Jamie looks lovely in GREEN
This weeks Sati Challenge is to remind yourself that your health is wealth and paying attention to what goes in and out of your mouth is a skill you want to develop if you are interested in thriving and not just surviving life!

Can you imagine getting healthier and happier with age instead of buying into the belief that as we age we automatically decline, gain weight, feel old, are more tired and or lose our sex drive or our mind!  Don't buy it! Make your imporved state non-negotiable.  If you really hold that intention and simply take care of yourself and allow your body to do what it does well, heal itself, you can be an inspiring demonstration of what really is possible.

If you feed your body what it needs, exercise it, hydrate it, relax it, stretch it, walk it around a lot and treat it like it is a precious, one of a kind, once in a lifetime, irreplaceable, priceless item what would you be doing, thinking and eating or not eating differently? Many people treat thier cars, clothes, pets or jewelry with more care then thier body. Would you put fancy clothes, beautiful diamonds or beautiful smelling potions and creams on your tired, overweight, stressed, inflamed, unhealthy, undernourished, overfed, sedentary body and call that alive, successful or living?

My intention this month is to remind you to be more conscious of what you are eating, how much of it you are eating and why you are eating so that you can make conscious choices not based on old habits, addictions, laziness or your past beliefs about yourself and what you have been able to accomplish in the past but to choose based on what you really want for yourself and for your life right now.

What would you really want people to say about you? Wow look at those great clothes or wow look at happy, healthy, in shape, fit, vibrant and beautiful he/she is.  Not becuase of what you are wearing but because nothing on the outside of your body compares to the beauty of health, self respect, self love and self care.
When you choose foods that are alive, whole, fresh, colorful and vibrant you will be too. You are what you eat and the best way to insure that your body has all it needs to restore itself to perfect weight and perfect health easily and effortlessly is to feed it an abundance of high quality, highly nutrious, pleasureable, guilt free food! 
No wonder Natalia smiles so much!

How many times today, yesterday or this past month have you thought to yourself, "oh I shouldn't" and you did?  How many times have you recently said or thought to yourself "This is so bad for me but I just can't stop?"  And the worst one, "I wish I wouldn't have!?  When you don't pay attention to your inner guidance and you bulldoze right over that voice in your gut that says "don't do it you will feel sorry! Stop now, you have had enough" or you go vacant or unconscious so you won't stop yourself, you feed your guilt, shame, regret and fear that you will never have the willpower to change.  It is a truly painful to live with those feelings and no one has to. And, it is the feeling of shame, guilt and regret that make you want to go unconscious and eat junk! How often have you pigged out on kale recently and thought, "I really need to cut down on these greens!!"

Make this month a month where feeding yourself consciously, lovingly and in amounts that your body wants, your number 1 priority!  Why not have it all, the beautiful clothes and the healthy, happy and fit body to go with it!

When you activate excellence guilt, shame and regret dissapear! See ya! wouldn't want to be ya!

Let this month be the month you raise your bar and make your health your number 1 priority. See what happens!

Eat Only when you are truly hungry
Stop when you are satisfied not FULL
Eat real food, not so much and mostly plants most of the time
choose to make your meals at home more often
Drink vegetable juice, kale, cucumber, lemon, parsly apple! YUM

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Suggested reading of the month Health is Wealth by Andrea Beaman of course!

Activate excellence now! Seriously if not now, when?
Start em young!