Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Join me for a powerful Diet that will lighten you up FAST!

This months focus is Health is Wealth. The recommended ready is Andrea Beaman's book Health is Wealth and the challenges for the first two weeks have been to not eat if you are not hungry, to stop when you are satisfied and to cook more meals at home if you eat out a lot.

This week I am suggesting a powerful cleanse to detox mind and body and the only thing you will be depriving yourself of is bad karma.  Instead saturate your mind and body with love, gratitude and appreciation.

This week I am encouraging everyone to stop any forms of participating in gossip, including in your own mind and by reading gossip magazines or watching gossiping TV. Recently, in two different circumstances, people came to me to talk about someone else and it negatively influenced my opinion of them. I then cut them out of my life without having a conversation with the one blamed. I later came to find out in neither case was it true and I felt terrible for not following through and getting the facts.  Another situation recently was that someone said something to me, about me that I didn't like. I wanted to gossip about her to others to "get her back" and say "can you believe she said this...." The problem with that kind of gossip is it keeps the negative energy going about the very thing I didn't like. It also can be damaging to the reputation of the person I am talking about.  This all becomes a very immature way of relating to one another and keeps us all in  a state of criticism, judgments and lies. The better thing to do is to have an open and honest conversation with the person instead of about her. 

If you don't clear the air or stop the gossip, the negativity continues and becomes the perspective with which you see life. If you gossip and talk negatively about others behind their back you then fear others talk about you behind your back. If you are even willingly listening you are still participating and the negativity is still influencing your state of mind and body.  What we sow is what we reap, what we give is what we get. Life is like a boomerang and we are the one tossing. It doesn't matter who started it or how "right' you feel it is, or how harmless you may think it is, it will cut the flow of love, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, health, peace of mind and joy.  

It is easy, everyone does it and unfortunately it is how many of us interact and relate to each other.  Gossip magazines sell lies about people just to catch out attention because we are a society that loves to see others fail, not look good, point out when others get fat, have cellulite, break up, fight, cheat, steal, have drug problems. Knocking others down and spreading rumors and bad stories about others is the way some people make themselves feel better. We are a society trying to stop bullying in schools and the truth is the kids learn from the adults and even if the adults are not pulling hair in the bathroom or after school the mean talk and gossip is even worse especially when the other person is not even there to hit back.

Even taking a week to be more mindful of how often you gossip, spread rumors, engage in storytelling about another, say negative things to other people about someone else is a powerful practice of awareness. Do it without judgment, simply to openly look for blocks to your success and happiness. Remember in any way that you are participating in a web of negativity you are pinching off your own good, love, peace and faith that life is good.  

Join the Sati Life community challenge to stop gossiping in any way, to yourself, to others, reading gossiping blogs and magazines.  Choose to read something that will open your mind, find things to talk about that show your appreciation for your life. Talk about what is going well, what you are grateful for, what you are looking forward to, what recent challenge you have overcome. Sow the seed of love, peace gratitude and faith and you will see yourself lighten up, feel much better and now become who you have really been longing to be!

Top 10 ways to help you get through your day:
1. Someone comes to you to gossip, say "I am sorry to interrupt but I am on a diet this week"
2. Start your day by writing a list of things you are going to share with people that is good news
3. Think of the person you are gossiping about and wonder how they would feel if they heard you.
4. Ask yourself if you were on camera being broadcast to the world would you say what you are saying?
5. Is this a sign that a conversation needs to be had about the person I am gossiping about?
6. Would I talk about my daughter, son, wife, husband or best friend this way?
7. Would I want someone to talk about me this way?
8. Is this really the best use of my time?
9. Do I have ANYTHING better to talk about?
10. Is this amplifying love or hate and if the whole world did it would the world be a better place?

Start your cleanse right away and cleanse your consciousness and amplify love today!