Thursday, May 6, 2010

Challenge day 17. Blessings

I am just wondering if it is strange to put peanut butter in my plain yogurt? That was my dinner this evening but I wasn't sure if that was a strange pregnancy concoction or actually just a really good idea. Try it, I liked it! Question of the day, do you bless your food? Part of the sati lifestyle is about bringing more love and gratitude into our lives and how that deeply effects our health, well being and happiness. Seeing food not just as something we do every day but understanding that real, healthy, whole, organic food actually has healing qualities. There is so much we can do to improve out lives when we choose quality, high vibrational, life giving nutrition. One way we can develop a higher level of love and gratitude for our food is simply to take a few seconds before we put any food in our mouth and bless it. Saying a mental prayer of gratitude or setting an intention that this food we eat nourishes us perfectly helps us to take a moment and affirm that perspective. That then leads to making more mindful choices about what we actually put into our mouth. You can do is silently or out loud with others but however you choose to do it, that simply gesture can render beautiful results. " I bless this food and all those who had a hand in preparing it" "I am grateful for this meal and the nourishment it provides" "My body now restores itself to perfect weight and perfect health with this meal" "I appreciate that my body uses what it needs and easily eliminates the rest" If you have a blessing you particularly love, share it with us on the "I love my body" wall. I would love to hear yours. Enjoy! Patricia