Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sati Life Challenge 12 Do you have a vision? May 1, 2010

Have you taken a moment to create a vision of yourself and your relationship to your body and food? If not, this is a great time to do it. Making changes in long term changes and not just yo-yo dieting or making changes for a short amount of time and then going back to your old habits requires a clear vision of who you really want to be and why you want it.

I know that one of the reasons I challenged myself to overcome a major eating disorder was because I knew that I could not live the life I really wanted to live if I was miserable, depressed, going up and down in my weight and feeling out of control. I knew if I didn't make some real changes I would never be able to live the life I really wanted to live.

In my book The intenSati method I talk much more about this. But what is your vision? What would it take for you to feel free, in control and living in a body that suits your best self. "You must do that thing that you think you cannot do" Who are you willing to be. Here are some examples...

I easily and effortlessly choose foods that are healthy.
I enjoy working out and I always find ways to challenge myself.
I enjoy practicing self discipline and actually saying No thank you and mean it.
I can have "just one" and walk away feeling great.
I have self control and it feels heavenly.
I am free

Then ask yourself Why? If you have a big enough Why you can get yourself to do anything. Now make a list of why your really, really want it. Make the list as real as possible and keep it bright in your mind and it will pull your forward!

You cannot become who you really want to become by remaining who you are!
Take a moment and write your list.