Monday, May 3, 2010

Challenge day 15! Be the master of your fate. Prepave your day.

May 7th 6:30-8:30 one night only! I hope you will join me this Friday night at the TSalon for a great night of conversation on how to deeply honor yourself and how powerful transformation happens when you shift from fear to love miracles happen. You can RSVP at You are the master of your fate. Celebrate it! Prepave your day. Set it, see it, celebrate it, appreciate it! Every morning when I get up I do the same thing to start my day. I prepave have I want' my day to do. I start with a 20 minute meditation. (My favorite meditation is Wayne Dyer's meditation for manifesting) I rarely walk out the door without first mentally intending how I want it to go. Try these simply steps to get into the habit of intending your day. When you are working on building new habits you have to do something new. Set it: Set an intention. "Today I intend to get through my day with ease and joy" See it Close your eyes and mentally see your day going with ease and feel the joy of it as if it is already done. If you are worried about making good food choices see yourself choosing with ease and joy. If you have a stressful day or a you are worried about something, play it through in your mind the way you want it to happen instead of the way you are worried it might happen.
Celebrate Know it is done. Celebrate the outcome before you see evidence of it. Keep the vision clear in your mind until you can feel it so deeply that you get that happy feeling inside and mentally repeat "It is done unto me as I believe, and I believe it is done, and so it is"
Appreciate When you amplify the vibration of love an gratitude you amplify your ability to receive all the gifts life has to offer you. Life is always working for your benefit but you must in available for it. Being in the state of appreciation will keep you in that state of availability. Use any opportunity you can to feel grateful, loving and good. 
Prepave your day. Instead of wondering or hoping it will all turn out, use your power of intention and intend your day! It takes just a few minutes in the morning to do this and being the deliberate creator of your day will make each day a joy!
You are the master of your fate. Celebrate it. Love, Patricia