Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boost your metabolism Challenge day 17 Can you slow down?

May 8th 12:00 HIghline
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SLOW is the way to go!
How fast do you eat. When you are chewing one bite do you already have the next bite on your fork or in your hand ready to go? Take notice today and see if you can deliberately slow yourself down. Even if you think you eat slowly already pay extra attention to chewing your food, tasting it, enjoying it and swallowing it. Put your fork down and simply enjoy the process of eating, nourishing and loving the whole experience.

When we chew our food completely it helps our digestive system. The digestion of the food begins in the mouth. Try counting how many times you actually chew one bite. Can you chew it 20 times?

Look around and notice how others eat. Are rushing through a meal or savoring and enjoying it. Who are you most like?

This is a great practice to help you see food differently. When you honor what you are putting in your body, tasting it and enjoying it you become more aware and conscious and it is then easier to notice when you are over eating , eating emotionally or rushing and at that moment you have an opportunity to make a different choice, a choice that represents who you choose to become.

Tips for today:
Count how many times you chew before you swallow
increase the number and practice chewing 20 times
put your fork or food down between bites until you fully swallow
don't speak with food in your mouth
pay attention to how your food really tastes, smells, feels
have a meal alone and without your phone, book or computer
make eating a sacred experience and fully enjoy it
notice how others around you eat

This is your Sati practice. You cannot become who you want to be by remaining who you are. What are you willing to improve today?

Enjoy it!