Monday, May 24, 2010

30 day Prosperity Challenge. Are you committed to prospering now?

HI everyone, I am excited to introduce to you the next 30 day challenge that I am SURE if you commit to it you will see incredible results in any area of your life. This month I have been teaching about prosperity: "The state of flourishing, thriving, success, or good fortune. Prosperity often encompasses monetary wealth but also includes happiness and health." The teachings of Sati life all revolve around how to live a life you love in a body you love and that means living a prosperous life. Over the years I have been offering intenSati classes, workshops and have written the book The intenSati method in order to inspire people as well as provide clear and definite actions to take to improve their life. One thing I rarely share about that is a big part of my daily practice is meditation. Over the years I have practiced many different forms of meditation and the one that I find the most powerful and life altering is the meditation for manifesting by Wayne Dyer. I am now teaching it in my intenSati classes and will be doing a workshop that will incorporate it and how to do it at pure yoga east on June 20th from 4-6pm. I will do a yogasati class followed by the meditation and a short 30 minute workshop on clarifying your intentions and designing your life. If you want more info email But for now, I would like to offer you the challenge of taking on this meditation for the next 30 days. You can buy the guided version on or you can find it on youtube and you can listen to it for free. It is called meditations for manifesting by Wayne Dyer. This is the meditation I committed to for 30 days before I finally got pregnant. It is also the meditation I introduced to my sister Norma years ago when she was dealing with a life threatening illness and was committed to her healing. She has experienced miraculous results. Most people don't want to bother with meditation for one reason or another and I usually only recommend it to people who come to me and are seriously ready to make a change or feel desperate. Last weekend I was in Palo Alto on my book tour and spent time with my family. My sister Norma and I were sharing about all the amazing results we had been experiencing and everyone was so inspired we actually got even our most pessimistic family members to participate in the meditation. My family is now committed to doing it for 30 days in a row. I thought it would be a great time to offer you the challenge to do the same. Meditation is a powerful transformation technology and I believe an essential part of living a prosperous life. Join me for the next 30 days. I highly encourage you to come to the workshop, class, download the cd and commit to 20 minutes a day for the next 30 days. Doing it in a group is really powerful so get your friends and family involved. Also, post your results on the wall so we all can be inspired. Don't forget, claiming your results, praising them and sharing them are an important part of deepening your faith in the power you have to change your life. You are blessed with the keys to your success, but are you using them? Let me know if you have any questions. Love, Patricia