Saturday, May 8, 2010

The challenge continues. Drink up and save the environment too!

I went to great event on Thursday night. A fundraiser for IntenSati is the official workout for this program. I was honored with the "Fit" award. It is a program for to help fight teenage obesity and type 2 diabetes. A great program. Happy to be a part of it. At the end of the evening everyone got a gift bag and one of the gifts was "Clean plates NYC" A guide to healthiest tastiest restaurants in Manhattan. Check it out. Something to think about from "Clean Plates" Do you drink bottled water? Americans use two million plastic bottles every five minutes. Imagine them all stacked up in a pile. The amount of oil needed to make these bottles equals about 13 million barrels a year. Even recycling them means using more fossil fuels. Opt for filtered water when available possible. I found a great alternative. I love seltzer water or carbonated water. Did you know you can bottle your own seltzer water. Go to You get water bottles, a carbonation machine and flavors to add if you want. ( suggest you skip the added flavors and just add a squeeze of lemon, lime or a dash of your favorite juice instead). I am thrilled with it. No more plastic bottles to recycle, you can make your water as fizzy as you want it and you can make it with filtered water! If you don't like that option, buy a great water bottle and a water filter and reduce the amount of plastic you use as you increase the amount of water you drink. Two great things! Have a happy mothers day! Love, Patricia If you are in NYC stop by the Adidas store in Soho for a free intensati workout led by Lindsay Davis. I will be there too. It starts at 4:00!