Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ready set meditate for 30 days! 30 day challenge begins May 27th!

I hope you are prepared and ready to go. Set your alam for 20 minutes earlier and get ready to start seeing results in as little as 24 hours!  Thursday May 27th the 30 day manifesting challenge.
One thing I forgot to suggest to you yesterday is not to share what you are intending with others. Keep your intentions to yourself until after they manifest. If you share with cynical or pessimistic people they simply might say something that might discourage you from sticking to your commitment. 
If you are interested in hearing about this meditation from Wayne Dyer's guru google "Ah meditation Siva Baba". It's interesting! 
Please keep posting here or on facebookl about your results, questions and comments. It is so inspiring and your sharing really helps others stay inspired and committed. What we build as a community is much stronger than what we build on our own.  
Get ready to live the life of your dreams and remember ask and it is given, expect to see results, and so it is! Give thanks every single day knowing what you want is on it's way. No person, circumstance or event can keep from you what the universe has in store for you. What the universe wants for you is what you want for yourself.
Sweet dreams! Patricia

Events coming up!
Interested in being an intenSati Leader. Next training is June 7-11 NYC. Go to to fill out an application and find out more

June 8th IntenSati in Bryant Park taught by Natalia. We want to cause a huge Sati commotion but we need YOU! It is at 10am. Please show up if you possibly can. Imagine hundreds of people in the park doing intenSati! Surely will cause a commotion!

June 20th Yogasati and Ah meditation workshop at Pure Yoga East from 4-6. If you have never tried yogaSati come and give it a try! For more info email