Sunday, May 9, 2010

Challenge day 19! Two great foods to add to your menu today!

Permanent weight loss comes through an inner transformation. When we have an epiphany, a new insight or when we make a clear decision. When the decision has been made an a new path in life is chosen, the weight is already lost.
I love to read books by David Wolfe who promotes a raw diet. Here are some tips from his book "eating for beauty"Eating For Beauty
We have already gone over what to eliminate in order to lose weight but just to remind you. The two biggest elements to limit and eliminate are: starchy carbs such as baked potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, chips and cooked fats such as high-fat meat and pasteurized dairy foods.
To promote the health of your thyroid is to feed the thyroid with coconut oil and coconut products, kelp, brazil nuts (3-4 each day) fruits rich in vitamin C and foods high in B vitamins.
Add radishes to your meals. According to David Wolfe radishes are perhaps the most beautifying of all foods. Radishes are one of the highest source of vitamin C. They are used in Russia for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. They help keep thyroid hormones in balance, allowing one to maintain perfect weight. 
Radishes also contain quite a bit of folic acid (vitamin B9) making them great nerve strengtheners. 
Radishes are kidney cleansers and decrease water retention and improve elimination. Radish juice is effective in helping to alleviate teh pain caused by kidney stones or and can even help dissolve kidney stones.
What I love about reading books by David Wolfe is we learn so much about how certain foods can heal and beautify the body. I believe if we are eating a diet rich in organic plants, fruits and vegetables our body celebrates it by feeling good and getting back into balance which includes a high working metabolism.
So today think about adding radishes and coconut products to your diet! Enjoy! Happy Mothers day Love, Patricia Stop by the Adidas store today at 4pm in soho for a free intenSati class and some shopping. I will be there but Lindsay Davis is leading! Hope to see you there.