Monday, May 10, 2010

Challenge day 22 The power of habit. To drink or not to drink coffee

I have been hearing about so many or your great success stories. It is so inspiring! I love it. Congratulations. The good and the bad about coffee. For you coffee lovers out there... Is coffee really that bad for you? I have an opinion for sure. First i will let you know that I was a 3 venti a day coffee drinker and some of those were with an extra shot of espresso, sometimes two. I was pretty set in my ways and not really interested in giving it up. Much of the the info in the article below is what made a huge difference for me. Cut and paste in your browser to read Quotes from the book "The power of habit" The things we do every single day become our habits. Drinking coffee is simply one of those many of us do as daily ritual or habit. Just like any habit, it is just a habit and it can be replaced by another one, a healthier one. "You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine" The power of habit. "If you can win complete mastery over self, you will easily master all else. To triumph over self is the perfect victory." You simply can have no chance of changing your life and reaching your full potential without a high degree of self-mastery. You can develop this self mastery but doing something you don't want to do everyday. it is not about conquering the habit but gaining mastery of yourself. Something to ponder. Love, Patricia May 12th event I am doing a workshop on manifesting this wednesday night at 630pm called Paving the Way. Klounge 30 west 52nd street between 5/6 2nd floor at Bombay Palace. donation$15.00 in advance $20.00 at the door. Net proceeds will be donated to animal rescue charities. Bring a pen and paper. For more information or to buy tickets email Larry Kleinstein at