Thursday, April 1, 2010

The intenSati Method, 7 Secret Principles to Thinner Peace. Change.

I just got back from my one month LA tour and it was very rewarding.  I had the opportunity to meet hundreds of new people and introduce the intenSati method all over southern California.  After being there for only 1 month it was hard to leave to my new LA friends.  There are now 9 leaders out there keeping the Sati life growing.  

I am excited to continue the intenSati Method book tour by doing a lecture this Saturday April 3rd from 3-430 in NYC The cable building at 611 Broadway, Suite 420. The cost is 25$ or you can sign up until midnight tonight and use the coupon "BOOKTOUR". Go to

The topic of the April 3rd lecture is on making a change in your life and some things we can do to help promote positive change in our lives. 

We all know the pain of wishing we could get ourselves to do something, change something or let go of something and not knowing how to follow through.  Think about things in your life that you really want to change and imagine who you have to be in order to make that change.  It is a deep spiritual journey we are on and the evolution of ourself depends on the evolution of our habits of thinking, speaking and communicating with ourself and each other.  The way to evolve old habits is through the practice of mindfulness. When you become more conscious you then open yourself up to more options to do something differently than you have done it before.

One thing to practice is to look at the habits  that you have that no longer work for you and practice giving them up.  Even something like working out a certain number of times a week or not eating after a certain time are ways to train yourself to practice self awareness and self discipline.  

What I suggest you do is to start with small things. Make a promise to do something and do it. Pick something that will be a little be of a challenge to that you can do it. If you are trying to give up overeating junk food or sugar try simply reducing it until you can do that for a period of time. If you are trying to do something new in  your career just pick one action you will take towards the fulfillment of the goal.  Don't pick something that scares you but pick something that is doable and you can succeed at.
The intention is to build your self discipline muscle to be able to say you are going to do something and do it.  

I am going to go into more deeply in the lecture so I'd love you to join me. I will be covering the first chapter in my book on Change.

Start today, if not now, when?  Allow yourself to unfold to your highest potential. It takes more energy to hold yourself back from feeling great and being your best. 

Looking forward to see you there.