Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diet or Not is that you? It's time to upgrade, if not now when?

If you have read my book The intenSati method and enjoyed it, I would really appreciate if you go to and write a review! It will make a huge difference. Thank you in advance. DIet or Not? Is that you? Do you have the "diet or not" mentality. What i mean is, are you someone who is either on a diet or not? When you are on a diet you are eating in a way that you think will help you lose weight or feel better but there is a limited time frame to it. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get yourself out of the "diet or not" mentality and slowly cultivate the habits and the lifestyle of the person you now want to be. 1. Pick an affirmation that calls you to be who you want to be. ie: I am fit, healthy and happy with ease. It's just who I am! ie: I am the picture of health and happiness with ease. 2. Ask yourself "what do i need to give up to achieve it" Do you have to give up emotional eating, bingeing, yo-yo dieting, procrastinating, blaming circumstances etc.. 3. Ask yourself "Am I willing to give it up and by when"? 4. Then, "who do I need to be today to be who I want to be? willing, positive, honest, proactive, patient, loving, courageous? Then pick one habit per week or maybe per month that you will stick to. Is it cutting down on sugar, cutting down on simple carbs or junk food, bingeing, drinking too much, dessert, eating out every meal. Pick one thing and stick to it and don't think of doing it to lose weight but to slowly change your lifestyle, your habits and to develop a higher level of awareness of how you are living and the choices you are making. There is a consequence for every single thing you eat whether you pay attention to it or not. We often procrastinate making changes because we want to make all the changes we think we "should" make all at once and it seems too challenging. Or, you make all the changes you want to make at once including restricting calories and eventually you just give up and go back to your old habits which keep you yo-yoing back and forth. Dieting is never going to get you where you want to be long term , retrain yourself to become mentally and physically who you really want to be. Once you develop one positive habit you will build more confidence, more self awareness, more self respect and love and you will find it easier and easier to make the long term changes you want to make. What will you focus on improving this month? Love, Patricia