Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you having sugar cravings? Challenge day 8 Wow! One week down

How did you do over the weekend? No matter what, whether you had a little too much food or drink you get to start all over again today! No regrets just get right back in the game asap! Some of you have been wondering about sugar, you are craving something. Just remember you are changing the way your body is working and metabolizing and it will want what you used to give it even if it is not the best choice. Just hang in there and after 30 days it will pass and you will not have cravings anymore. That is heavenly! It is not that you will have to grit your teeth and hold yourself back from it forever, it will really pass and you will have reached a whole other place! That is the goal. Imagine the day, not even a desire for sugary foods! Ah Heaven! But in the meantime, when those cravings do hit and hit strong here are some tips to get through it. 1. licorice tea, very sweet! 2. drink lots of water 3. brush your teeth 4. give up the "but I really want it!" conversation in your head 5. Repeat, "this too shall pass, I am not giving in!" Looking for an interesting switch for dinner? Tonight I made an omelette that was very satisfying and tasty. I steamed some fresh organic broccoli until lightly cooked Added some fresh organic tomato with oregano and a little olive oil. Two whole eggs and 3 egg whites. Served 2 It is a great meal because you get very full with the vegetables and egg is a great protein to have but to reduce the calories just use one egg per serving and add egg whites. A complete meal!