Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boost your metabolism! Not all fats are created equal. Day 7

Friday, May 7th 
How Deeply Do You Honor Yourself?
Specifically chosen for the 3rd stop, the T Salon will host Patricia on her book tour. Complimenting the T Salon’s “Always Evolving” mission statement, this lecture will leave you feeling ready to change your point of view and start honoring your mind, body and spirit!

T Salon, Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue ~ 495 W 15th Street, NYC
Cost: $35 (Includes lecture and light refreshments)
Limited space available. Advanced registration required.
Please purchase tickets at OUR STORE.

Fat is essential but eliminate "bad" fats! Here is where to start!
If you do nothing else but eliminate this one fat from you diet you will be making great progress. Trans or Hydrogenated Fats. This is from the book "The Ultrasimple diet by Mark Hyman" Great book. You should eliminate trans or hydrogenated fats. These man-made fats are completely foreign to our biology. They are very toxic and inflammatory. Trans fats, putting it mildly, are not good for you or your metabolism. They block fat burning, cause diabetes, promote weight gain, create inflammation, raise cholesterol, and are even associated with cancer and dementia. Eliminating all trans fats will, with on quick change, leave your diet free from almost all processed and junk food. Trans fat are used to keep foods fresh on the shelf for a long time, because they don't break down. So keep an eye on any foods that. come in a package or are processed in any way. And keep in mind that even "trans fat free" foods cn ahave up to 0.5 grams per serving, so if you eat 4 servings from a package of cookies or crackers with trans fats you will still be getting 2 grams of trans fats. NOT GOOD. Beware! Look for the word "hydrogenated" on the ingredient list and don't buy it. Good fats extra virgin olive oil Avocado coconut oil cold pressed nut or seed oil Hemp seed oil Fish oil I love to add coconut oil to my oatmeal in the morning along with raw cacao nibs and some stevia. YUM! Remind yourself every day it is about treating your body the best you can. Just keep it real! Real food. Mostly plants. Not too much. No trans fats! Spread the word and get your friends and family to join you. If you want to succeed help someone else succeed. What you give is what you get! Read all labels before you put ANYTHING in your mouth! Love, Patricia