Friday, April 23, 2010

Congratulations on beginning day 5 Stay in the game it gets easier!

How are you doing? Please take a moment to post any comments, questions, breakthroughs or challenges. I would love to hear how you are doing. Your questions and comments help me guide you better. Have you been reading labels and being mindful about the sugar and refined carbohydrates in your diet? Here is a a quote from Dr. Mark Hyman. We all know they we would be better off eliminating or reducing them in our diet but knowing how and why can be helpful. "Eating sugar and refined, high glycemic-load carbohydrates (like bread, potatoes, and white rice, all of which raise your blood sugar quickly) fuels the hormones that keep your appetite out of control. Stopping this process for one week will change your outlook forever. By doing this you won't have to fight your urges and cravings for the rest of your life" High Fructose corn syrup. I may have said it already but it is important enough to repeat. Eliminate it completely from you and your family's diet. These super-sugars quickly enter the bloodstream and trigger hormonal and chemical changes that make you feel even hungrier. Consuming any type of sugar or anything that quickly turns to sugar in your blood also causes insulin surges that start a cascade telling your brain to eat more and your fat cells to STORE more FAT. READ LABELS. Many processed food have HFCS especially food that is often fed to kids. Start them young! It is very addicting. Alcohol Ever wonder why you are always asked to give your drink order first at a restaurant, and then you get a bread-basket? It's because if you eat some sugar (in the form of white bread) then drink a glass of wine you will likely order more and eat more. Taking a holiday from alcohol will help you tune in to your appetite adn prevent you from overeating. Here is a little math that might make you think twice about those 2 glasses of wine at night. If one glass of wine contains about 100 calories then 2 glasses a night amounts to an extra 1400 calories a week, or 72,800 calories a year. If you gain 1 pound by consuming an extra 3,500 calories, then 2 glasses of wine a night will add 20.8 pounds a year to your weight! Just eliminating sugar, refined carbs, and alcohol can have profound effects on your weight and the way you feel in a very short time, even if you do nothing else!! Hang in there! It gets easier and easier! Congratulations on day 4 get ready for day 5 Love Patricia If you love intenSati or want to know more about it please join "I love intenSati" fan page on Facebook for updates, invites, community photos and leader posts!