Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are you choosing comfort of life?

 Any change that we want to make in our lives to improve our health whether it is reducing salt or exercising more will most likely cause some discomfort.  Any change we make that disrupts what we normally do can feel like "work" therefore most of us tend not to follow through. But unless we are willing to be in the discomfort of the change we lose many opportunities to experience the freedom to create and live a life of our real choosing.
If we cannot change, upgrade our living habits or our thinking habits we are bound to living life as we are now experiencing it and in  the areas where you life is working out well that is great but not in the areas where it isn't working out.
Discipline is freedom and the practice of self discipline exposes you to a world of new possibilities in your life.  A student of mine today was telling me about how the health of his father  is deteriorating quickly. He is about 100 lbs overweight and in order to get well he must make some drastic changes to his diet and start exercising. There is no easy way out there is only a choice to be made, to go through the discomfort of making the changes or to live in the discomfort of illness, pain, and deteriorating health.  They are both difficult and painful but one has a great reward on the other side, life.

Where are you stuck between wanting to change and not wanting to bother with what it will take to make that change? Instead of resisting the change, embrace it and take little baby steps towards the outcome you really want instead of trying to stay where you are.  Every tiny step in a new direction is beneficial but you have to start walking and if you can't walk crawl!

1. Always focus on the "can do" part of the problem
2. Don't let what you can't do keep you from doing what you can do.
3.Dont' procrastinate, if not now, when?
4. Never, ever, ever give up!
5. Remember self discipline is the key to  your freedom and living a life you love

Don't fight for comfort fight for living a life you love in a body you love starting now.  It may be uncomfortable at first but heavenly once you get yourself to the other side. Keep your eye on the prize and affirm that it is done!

And so it is!
Patricia Moreno
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