Sunday, April 4, 2010

Are you ready to receive all the gifts life has to offer you? 4/4/2010

When a little chick is ready to be hatched it becomes so toxic within the egg that it beaks its way through the hard shell not knowing what is on the other side but intuitively knowing that it will not survive if it stays where it is.  It is born with this instinct to survive and breakthrough to something better.

When we find ourselves in a toxic state, an unhealthy, unhappy state we have the same intuition to improve or transform but because we have what the little chick doesn't have, the power to think and choose, we often stay where we are because we feel safe in the known rather than the unknown.  We often become paralyzed by the fear it will be too hard, too uncomfortable or too or we will not be able to handle the disappointment.  The reason so many of us give up on a better life is because we are afraid.

IntenSati is the practice of self awareness. Getting to know yourself and recognizing the conversations you are having with yourself and consciously choosing the conversation the will support your success, well-being, prosperity and love.  The ego speaks loudest and it speaks first. It speaks of lack, that you are not enough, you are not good enough, you can't do it, it will be too hard, too dangerous too painful.  These are not thoughts of love, gratitude, compassion, kindness, generosity or power.  One way you can tell is that you feel diminished or more afraid and the need to protect yourself which implies you need protecting because you don't trust that life is good, that you are good, that all is happening for your benefit always. It is the thoughts of love that will have you unfold to your highest potential.

In order for you to have a breakthrough from the the toxic state you are living in, from the fear, doubt, worry, anger etc, you will have to let go of that conversation, the conversation of the ego and choose the conversation of your higher self, you full potential, love.  When you amplify the feelings of love and gratitude in your life you become more intuitive, more available to life.  When you are in that vibration, that frequency, you see things differently, you hear things differently, you see others differently and you life will reflect that new perspective. But until you change what frequency you are in you will not have access to that intuition that is always there guiding you towards the unfolding of your full potential.

Even if you feel justified in being scared, angry or resentful it will still cause an obstacle for your growth and development of your highest self. The universe doesn't judge it is like a boomerang giving back to you what you send out.  This is a blessing to know because now you have a choice.

Make a vow to simply amplify the feelings of love and perpetual thanksgiving in your life so you can become receptive to all the gifts life has to offer you.  Make each day a training ground for the growth, development and unfoldment of your best self and see how the universe responds.

Be loving to yourself, others and all of life.  Look for opportunities to show it, give it and recognize it. Be in a state of perpetual gratitude. The universe gives to those who have and start paying attention to all you do have instead of complaining about what you don't have or don't like.

Do a daily prayer of thanksgiving and send offerings of love to all you cross paths with. Soon you will see how life responds to you, always has and always will.

Today you have a choice to have a breakthrough and let go of any toxic thoughts, actions, attitudes or beliefs that no longer serve you.  You can do it in an instant, right here right now. Make this month a month where you vow above all else to amplify love and to live in a state of perpetual gratitude and unlock your receiving to life that is always working for you highest good.

Thank you with great love and respect,
Patricia Moreno

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