Monday, August 30, 2010

Do you have enough to be happy today? IntenSati affirmations to celebrate.

The IntenSati method is the practice of becoming more self aware and deliberate in the use of the power of your thoughts, words and actions.  It is the practice of loving your life, your self and all others, NOW, not waiting for circumstances to change but first to change ourselves. As above so is below, this is what we practice embodying and coming to know.

We all want what we want because we believe if we get it we will be happier.  Whether it is better health, wealth, joy or success in any area of our life, we often put off feeling good until the day comes that we have more. But for many of us those days come and go and we are still focusing on what we don't have and forgetting to appreciate and celebrate what we do have.

If the goal is to be happy, then the practice is to be happy now. You have enough to be happy now, you are good enough, pretty enough, healthy enough, successful enough to be happy right now if you choose to.  The question is will you? What has to happen in order for you to be happier today and to be able to say, "life is good in every way"?

It is all a matter of perspective. Make it EASY to be happy, grateful and alive. What you celebrate appreciates and what you visualize you magnetize! Use the power of your thoughts, words and actions and choose to affirm you are enough and you have enough to be happy today!

Gratitude is a prayer for abundance and prosperity. Ask and it is given, pray believing it is so and it shall be.  Complaining is like praying for what you don't want.  It's your choice today!

I am enough
I have enough
To be happy today
Life is good in every way
Health, wealth, joy, success
I am grateful all my needs are met
What I celebrate, appreciates
What I visualize, I magnetize
I keep my eye, on the prize
I am loving life today
I am better in every way
I am available for more
Then I have ever had before

Let this month be a month of celebration, appreciation and practice seeing all the good you DO have in your life!

I will be on maternity leave as of September 1st. Olivia is due to arrive on September 4th. My first day back will be October 17th for my Urban One Day Retreat in NYC.  The topic is Warrior Body! Loving your body and loving your life! Go to events to register and to see the schedule of the day.  I will be joined by Laurie Gerber of the Handel Group.

Enjoy THIS day!