Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are you interested in becoming an intenSati Leader?

If you have experienced the power of the intenSati training method and you want to share it with others please consider Leader training.

Thriving in life is about stepping out of your comfort zone, giving up excuses about why you can't be what you really want to be and just going for it!  IntenSati leader training is a great way to inspire and support people in living a life they love in a body they love and thriving now! 

If you want more information about what leader training is all about,  join me for a free conference call this Thursday night June 25th at 8pm. You can ask all the questions you have and get all of your answers right away.

The next leader training session is in NYC from August 2-6th.  If you are interested in entering a contest for a free scholarship to the next training session, go to satilife.com and read about the details. Just keep in mind all entries must be submitted by June 29th.

If you want to rsvp for the info session this Thursday email amanda@satilife.com

I hope you can make it! We need more leaders and it just might be YOU!