Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fall in love with who you really want to be and you will THRIVE!

Hi everyone,
I want to start off by sharing a quote: “If you would fall in love with what you really want to be, you would become it. It takes an intense hunger to bring about a transformation of self.”
I think that one of our biggest fears is having to handle the disappointment of failing to achieve our dreams or to live a great life.  What I love about Neville's quote is that it reminds us of the tremendous power of love. When we have a yearning to achieve, to create, or to experience something and we don’t indulge that desire, we suffer.  That suffering we feel is the pain of restraining ourselves from fulfilling our destiny to be all that we are meant to be. I think that pain is even worse than putting your heart and soul into your dreams and then falling short. Every time you take action and fail, you learn valuable lessons, you fuel your fire of desire, and you gain a better idea of what is necessary for you to keep persevering. Failing is not to be feared - it's part of the path to greatness! Do you know anyone who has achieved greatness who hasn’t failed many times?
Do you ever talk yourself out of following your heart? Have you ever told yourself you are not good enough, that you will never make it, that "it" can’t happen to you?  Think about any dream you have had that you have squashed, and how painful it was to resign yourself to something less than what you really wanted before you ever gave your dream a chance. Are you ready to choose a different path?
If you commit to give up resignation and "settling," and instead allow yourself to fall in love with who you really want to be, you will awaken a deeper strength and power within you. Just letting yourself dream, imagine, and visualize an image of yourself in your glory is in itself an act of love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Self-doubt, worry, fear, regret or hate will never source you with the energy required to venture out of your comfort zone, to face obstacles, to go the extra mile, to get up again... and again.

If you allow yourself to become too worried about being disappointed, laughed at, looking bad, or failing, you are wasting energy that could be used to cultivate the power, passion, and ove required to live a life you really love in a body you really love! How do you want to use YOUR power? 

You can only give your attention to one thought at a time.  
Falling in love with who you really want to be requires courage, persistence, faith, self-love, and respect.  You must be willing to abandon your fear and to hold fast to the vision of your dream. The greater your dedication to infusing with life your vision of who you really, REALLY want to be, the easier it will be to move toward that reality. You will begin to feel as if you are being pulled towards that reality... because you WILL be. By calling upon the power of the law of attraction, the power of love and the power of integrity, you are literally attracting the realization of your dreams.
That's what I'm doing.
For the past two years I have been trying to get pregnant. It has been a long journey, and hugely challenging to continue to close my ears to the statistics for my age, to look for a doctor that supports me rather than warns me that it will never work. For me, being a mother has always been a "must," but I also knew I wanted to be in love and have a family, rather than doing it on my own. My dream was to have it all, and no matter how long it took or how the odds seemed to be stacked against me, I held relentlessly to that vision of building my own loving family. Last year I got married to a wonderful woman. I just found out-- on June 12th--that I am pregnant.  Many have cautioned me not to tell anyone until I am 3 months pregnant, but I know that dedicating myself fully to realizing this dream means having the courage to take the risk of sharing my great news with all of you. 
What I learned firsthand over these past two years was how much I really wanted it, how much I was afraid of being disappointed, and how much persistence in pursuing my dreams matter, even when it's scary.  Even now, as I write, I have a pit in my stomach as fear starts to gather and I wonder if sharing this news is a good idea.  But If I don’t say it out loud, I am just feeding the fear, the worry, and the doubt... and my only goal today is to feed the dream. It MUST be my only goal. My sharing with you is my way of strengthening my faith, of infusing the dream with even more life.
So how can YOU fuel your dream, fall in love with who you really want to be, and maintain the desire consciously and persistently in your conscious mind? 
Here are a few ways to get started:
Write out your dream 
Use affirmative language and be colorful and passionate.  Write it in a way that awakens your passion and excitement. Write it so vividly that it makes your mouth water and your heart yearn. Write WHY you really want it, why you MUST have it, what it means to you and what it looks and feels like... bring it to life!
Ask yourself, 
If I knew I couldn’t fail, who would I really allow myself to become?
Make a vision board.  Put together a collage of pictures that indicates who you will be when you succeed, so you see it every day. This will help you keep the vision persistently and faithfully in your conscious mind!
Write out your dream in one concise and positive statement.
“I am in love with my perfect mate”
“I have the job of my dreams and I love it”
“I am making______ amount of money now! I am so grateful”
Put this statement where you can use it as a prompt to daydream, to imagine, and to dare to cast forward an image of yourself already there!  When you read it close your eyes for a few moments and allow yourself to move mentally forward to the vision of your success, to feel it!
Don’t underestimate the power of your desire, your yearning, your need to live a life you love in a body you love. Remember that the suffering comes from restraining yourself from being who you really want to, and CAN, be.  
You are the master of your fate because you are blessed with the ability to control your thoughts, and to CHOOSE what goes into your conscious mind.  Just dream, have faith, and take action! Make this life’s journey an adventure. Be courageous! Go for what you really, really want!
May victory be yours!