Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 ways to get moving today! You can do it!

Don't wait until you feel like working out to go to the gym. The day may never come. Do it anyway! The only way you will get yourself to go to the gym or get a workout in is to make it a habit and go especially when you don't want to go. 

Working out is important not just for your physical health or to lose some weight it will build your inner strength, your self confidence, your self discipline and your self respect. Your body needs to be moved, stretched, strengthened, fed and loved. Do something everyday even if it is a few minutes a day.

Here are some tips for adding more movement to your life.

1. Wake up and do some stretches. Take 10 minutes to do any easy stretching movements

2. Turn off the TV and pop in a workout DVD. Don't just watch it follow along!

3. Take the stairs as often as you can. Stair climbing is great way to build lower body strength. 

4. Find a class you like to take and get a friend to partner up with you and commit to going regularly. Put it in your schedule

6 Join a running or walking club. Walk for a good cause! Raise some money for your favorite charity.

7. Learn a new skill or sport. Make it a hobby and learn something new.

8. Make sure when you travel your hotel room has a gym and get up and go!

9. Fill your ipod with good books and go for a walk to listen to them and enjoy them both.

10. Go outside and play! Pick up a ball, a frisbee, a hula hoop, roller blades or a bike and enjoy the outdoors.

The bottom line..move, move, move! Your body needs it, you need it and you will transform your life when you do something everyday!

Don't wait to feel like it! Do it anyway!
Feel great today!

May victory be yours!
Patricia Moreno