Sunday, September 5, 2010

No more guilt just pleasure! Enjoy every bite.

I think one of the hardest things to live with is guilt. I also think that our bodies respond to food based on how we feel about eating it as well.  Do you ever decide to eat something and then while you are eating it say "oh I shouldn't be..." Or maybe you get through eating it and then beat yourself up for it for hours later. Maybe you even go to the gym to "work it off" or make up for it by skipping a few meals.

Creating a new relationship to food and food habits is, in my mind, essential to living a life you love. Everyone has to eat, everyone has a relationship to food and how you eat reflects how you live.

My belief is when we respect it, love it, choose it wisely,  taste it, enjoy it, listen to our body and respond to when it is hungry and stop when we are satisfied we can live without the guilt and add much more pleasure. I think there truly are no foods that you have to deprive yourself of and when you balance it with powerful, healing, good quality foods. With good food in your body your cravings for over indulging in sweets, processed food, fatty foods will diminish.

Finding balance and pleasure is worth working on because living with guilt is a high price to pay.

Today I suggest you pay attention to your self, what you are thinking about when you are eating, how you feel afterwards, did you stop when you had enough or did you keep going mindlessly?
Did you even taste the food you so wanted to have?  The purpose of making changes is to add more pleasure to your life!

Eat when you are hungry.
Choose food that you really want to eat.
Taste every bite, eat slowly and enjoy it.
Stop when you are satisfied not full.
Give thanks for it when you are done.

Love food and it will love you back!
Enjoy every meal you have today and if you find that voice of guilt creeping in make a new choice!