Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's more than calories in calories out. Is TV really reality?

It is more than just calories in and calories out. 

I believe that weight loss, health and vitality are not just a question of calories in and calories out but just as much about how you feel about yourself. You cannot separate the means from the ends and self-criticism and self-hate will never lead you to living a happier and healthier life. I like to say it is like expecting a banana from an apple tree. It is simply never going to happen.

I was up late last night because I couldn't sleep and watched the season premiere of Thintervention the new workout show with Jackie Warner who also has a book out called "This is why you are fat". Does anyone else finds this title offensive, degrading and uninspiring?

I get upset with these shows that are simply about bullying people to try to get them to lose weight. The show starts with Jackie telling each person that they are fat, out of shape, have no strength and a mess. Don't you think they tell themselves the same thing every day and that is why they are there in the first place? 

The whole show centers around her taking them through intense workouts, showing up unannounced at their homes, giving them diet changes she wants them to make and a therapy session followed by a weigh in. What is new here? Nothing! Anyone who has not been working out and starts working out will lose weight. Anyone who does any exercise who has not been exercising will lose weight but what has really changed? Anyone who has someone at there side screaming at them to do more will probably do more than they have before but has there really been a change made? Maybe a few will keep off the weight and make life long changes but not the majority.

The biggest loser, Losing it with Jillian Michaels, celebrity fit club, and now this show are all doing versions of the same thing and yes people lose weight and most likely gain it back, but no matter how successful they are at losing weight if they get there by being criticized and degraded where is the real breakthrough?

Maybe it makes for interesting TV but I don't think it is the answer to long-term transformation. I think it leaves people believing that they need to be bullied into making positive changes and it affirms the very voice of self -criticism that is what leads to the problem in the first place. You can never achieve transformation from guilt, shame or self-hatred it has to come from love, self-acceptance and self-awareness. Losing weight doesn’t mean you lost the belief or the reason why you were overweight in the first place it takes a willingness to shift what you believe about yourself and what is possible.

We can all use a little help in achieving our goals and whether it is a trainer, a group class, a friend, a life coach, a therapist or a support group, know that the key to long lasting change starts with falling in love with the vision of your future that will ignite within you the courage to change not because you are bad, lack willpower, or are incapable but because you love yourself enough to make the change you really want to make, because you deserve it. Your life is not dependent on what others think of you but what you think of yourself. 

I believe that our biggest challenges in life are actually the door to our happiness but to feel love you have to be wiling to give it and that means to yourself as well as to others. Bullying, criticizing or belittling yourself or allowing others to treat you in that way only deflates the very power you need to succeed in fulfilling your dream. Choose to workout and eat well because you love yourself and your life now instead of thinking that when you are thin enough you will all of a sudden love yourself and your life. Love has the power to heal all wounds the question is; are you willing to be loving now? Why wait.? Waiting is a waste of time.

If you do need support look for someone that can help you shift your negative beliefs to empowering ones as well as someone who will support you in taking positive action. 

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If you want to live a life you love in a body you love you must be more loving.