Monday, September 6, 2010

Anticipation where life really happens! 8.6.10

Today is September 6th and I am waiting for baby Olivia to be born. Her due date was September 4th. Although statistics show that only 5% of women actually give birth on their due date I have been wondering if today is going to be the day for the past few days. 

Every woman I speak to or see these days tells me of their own birth story, some weeks early and some weeks late! The main piece of advice, sit back and relax it could be a while. 

My goal these days is to keep myself busy and not just sit around waiting for a sign of some kind that today is the day so in an effort to do that I am practicing loving the feeling of anticipation. If you think about it most of life is lived in this place. Once the event happens you are then anticipating something else. Once Olivia is born I will be anticipating her sleeping through the night, then her first word, then her first steps etc.. it will be a life time of anticipating and celebrating or worry that it is not going to happen, frustration that it is not happening in the time I want it to happen or doubt that it is not going to work out the way I want it when I want it. A completely different experience, one is enjoying the moment one is wishing this moment would end so I can have a new one.

So my lesson today, let go and enjoy the ride and the amazing feeling of anticipating something wonderful and not knowing exactly when it is going to happen and know that it is happening at the best time possible for all involved. 

Are you waiting for something to happen, a phone call, your perfect match, a new opportunity, the birth of a child, a healing, an answer, a change of any life situation? Well my advice to you is to sit back and relax it could be a while, or not and learn to enjoy the sweet feeling of anticipation and watch yourself when it turns into frustration, doubt or worry. Enjoy what ever is happening now and the sweet space between the main events since that is where most of life takes place.

So today we are going to the mall with my mother in law. I have never been there before so anticipating having a good time and enjoying the feeling that something wonderful is happening in my life now, when she comes is not up to me so I expect it will be at the perfect time and at the perfect place. 

Ah the sweet nectar of life! Anticipation.
Enjoy the space in between the events! 

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