Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am more powerful today and better in every way!

I have decided to dedicate February to inspiring everyone to focus on health and wellness.  I recommend that you take your attention off of trying to lose weight or "get skinny" and instead ask yourself, "how can I improve how I feel?"  I think many people think they need to either be on a diet or not and not simply means a free for all until you get yourself back on a diet again.

I suggest you totally drop the diet mentality and instead work on developing a health and wellness mentality. I believe that we can actually improve with age and if we treat our bodies well with good food, exercise and spiritual practice there is no reason we cannot live healthy, happy and well lives into old age.

The mantra I suggest you use for this month is "My body restores itself to perfect weight and perfect health, I am more powerful today, I am better in every way"   and as you say that affirmation see the mental picture of what that means to you.  

By shifting your mindset you will be shifting your mood, your attitude which will help you easily make better choices for yourself and when you make positive changes your health and weight will naturally improve.

What can you do this month that will improve your health and well-being? I'll give you some examples. Pick one or two but really follow through and train yourself to be consistent. Practice dedication to your well-being. Of course you might feel some discomfort in the process but it is your body doing it's work to restore itself to perfect weight and health.  

Make health and wellness your number 1 priority. It is the key getting better with age! How often are you consistently working out? Can you increase it? Minimum recommended weekly exercise is 5 times a week at least 30 minutes a day. Can you get yourself to do at least that this month? Are you drinking soda, sugary drinks, alcohol more than 2 times a week? Can you decrease that? Do you drink enough water a day? 8 glasses a day? Can you increase it. Are you eating out more than 2 times a week? Can you decrease it? Are you eating organic fruits and vegetables? Can you increase it? Do you eat red meat? How often? Can you decrease it and choose grass fed, hormone free meat? How often in one day do you eat simple carbs like white rice, potatoes, white breads, or junk food? Can you decrease it this month? Go through the list of make your own. Pick one thing you will commit to improving this month and really do it. If you improve one thing then little by little you will see yourself improving with age instead of deteriorating with age. If you want this to be your best year yet, you need the body that will represent your best self! It is the only one you have. Focus on making it feel and look fabulous now!

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