Saturday, January 2, 2010

The IntenSati Method, 7 secret principles to thinner peace. If not now, when?

What a great time of year this is! It feels like the opportunity to have a fresh new start. Are you ready to make this year your best year yet?  Why not make this year a year dedicated finally doing what you really want to do? What if this is the year you finally do lose the weight, get healthy, find the job of your dreams or play and enjoy life more often?  If not now, when?

How many times have you set new years resolutions just to find the excitement of making the change wearing off after just a few days?  Well, I would like to give you some tips to help you fuel your passion and enthusiasm because if you learn to keep your inner fire lit, you will have the energy to keep taking powerful positive steps in the direction of your dreams.

Remember last year when you celebrated the beginning of 2009, time flies and this year is not different. In a snap of a finger it will be 2011. Don't let this year go by without doing that thing you really want to do! Why not make this truly your best year yet?  Aim for success!

Step 1
1. A clear goal.
Pick one thing that you have a burning desire to accomplish, become or create.  Your deep desire is your fire and it will help you accomplish great things if you fan the flame. Remind yourself every day how much you want it, you want it, you really really want it!!

2. Take action
You need an action plan.  Do not worry about making it perfect just put a plan down on paper.  Put down the things you can do right now to get started. No matter how big or small the actions are, write them down and start checking them off your list. As you move forward you will have new ideas and you can keep adding to your list. Take the first action by writing the plan. No plan no power!

3. Become obsessed by it
Those people that are successful in creating and living a life they love in a body they love are focused. They keep their attention on the final outcome that they want, always.  Post your goal where you can see it, memorize it, fantasize about it, imagine it, create a vision board and keep the end result always in the forefront of your mind.

4. Be the master of your fate
Tell your mind what you want over and over and over again.  When you repeat to yourself what you want it is like plugging into your GPS system your final destination.  Your subconscious mind is your GPS system.  It needs to know where you want to do and will find the faster route for you to get there.  If you make a wrong turn it will guide you back on track.  Your subconscious mind is your spiritual mind. Use your conscious mind to plug in the final destination and then follow your plan and your intuition.

5. Discipline or self control
Without mental discipline or self control you are the slave not the master of your mind. You must develop the ability to doubt your doubts, to affirm your faith in the laws of the universe, in yourself and in  your abilities.  When you hear yourself doubting yourself practice changing your mind, shifting your focus,  When you meet with failure, never, ever, ever give up! Use self control to give a powerful and positive meaning to the situation and find the lesson and get up again.

6. Value yourself
When you value and respect yourself you stop settling for mediocre. You get what you settle for. Remind yourself their is nothing more important than that you become who you want to become and there is no one in your way but you. You can do, be and have anything you desire if you are willing to build the right mental attitude. You CAN do it, of course you can. Find value in yourself and in this life and you will be of great value to the world.

7. Stay inspired!
This is your duty! Stay inspired! Read books, look for others who have succeeded who are a positive role model.  This will help you fuel your positive mental attitude instead of your negative one. If you don't work to stay inspired then when the going gets tough, and it will, you will not have the fuel or the confidence to keep going.  Keep the burning desire to succeed alive!

 May you remember how incredible you are. You can do it.  Of course you can, if you believe.
If not now, when?

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