Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eating with intention and awareness Having it all call notes

I just finished the eating with intention and awareness call and posting the assignment and follow up info. If you were not on the call and you want to get the recording of it you can order it online at by the end of the week or send an email to and request it.

The topic of the call was "Having it all" I talked about creating your intention for yourself. Mine is to feel good all the time, to feel energized, lean, healthy and better with age. What's yours?

I talked about what it means to have it all for me. Basically I like a version of Michael Pollacks mantra, Eat food, mostly plants, not so much, except I added 90% of the time. To me having it all means there is nothing on my "never eat" list. I believe if I follow this mantra I will be able to 'have it all" and fulfill my intention. How you do you want to eat? Write it out.

The main point of the call was to remember that the way to having it all is by practicing self discipline. You must train yourself to keep your word and silence the negotiator, the voice inside you head that keeps telling you it's ok to break your promise and you can start tomorrow.

The assignment.
Look for people that inspire you and are living in a way you want to live in relationship to food.
It may be more than one. Model them, ask them how they do it. Interview them

Write your intention and memorize it.

Add more vegetables to your diet, if you already eat many vegetables try new ones, get creative.

Watch your portion size especially of the part of your meal that is lower quality and higher calorie food. Keep protein like meat, fish and chicken to the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand.

Eat more slowly so you can tell when you are satisfied before you are stuffed. Use a smaller plate and take time before you take the second helping. Check in with yourself and see if you are satisfied enough to walk away.

When you are satisfied or if someone offers you more food when you have decided you are done say "no thank you I am completely satisfied"

Post your daily or weekly commitments here and check in with us daily or every few days and let us know how it is going. Choose things that you can keep your word on no matter what. As you get better at it you can promise bigger things.

Remember these words "No matter what" when you make your promise keep these words tattooed on my mind and the negotiator will not show up as often, if you mean it.

If you are interested in coaching in this area email There is a new group starting soon called Dream Body. You will be trained in this area. It is extremely beneficial. Email them for details

Want a great book for food ideas buy "Ultra metabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman or In the defense of food my Michael Pollack.

Give me your feed back, and let me know if you have suggestions for the next call!