Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are you done complaining, and ready for creating a life you really love?

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Are you ready to accept what you cannot change? Do you have the courage to change what you cannot accept? If not now when?

This affirmation is based on the serenity prayer used to begin all 12 step meetings. It is a powerful prayer because we are reminding ourselves of the power of acceptance. There are so many things we cannot change in our lives yet we allow ourselves to complain, judge, hate, dislike, be annoyed with or simply refuse to let go of the complaints we have about them.

Accepting what you cannot change is a major part of recovery of any illness, emotional upset, addiction or non well-being. You must be willing to let go of the very energy that feeds the discomfort, the addiction, the injury or illness and that is hatred, anger or resentment.

Are you still complaining about things that happened in your past, when you were a child, teenager or even yesterday? Why? You will never change them no matter how much you complain, it is a waste of time.

Are you complaining about someone else and how they don't behave like you wish they would? Why? It will never change them, no matter how much you complain!

Are you complaining about your age? Come on! Get over it! The alternative is death.

Even complaining or wishing you weren't sick, injured or overweight is a waste of time. It does not promote healing in any way whatsoever. In fact depletes your energy, your immune system, decreases your physical strength and gets you off the hook from taking action. If you want to heal you have to at least have hope and you cannot be complaining and hopeful at the same time.

Make a list of the things you are complaining about that you cannot change and when you catch yourself complaining reverse it and say to yourself, "Oh! I used to complain about that but it is a waste of my precious time. I have changed my mind!"

Then make a list of things you want to change but you haven't had the courage to change yet and start developing your courage and strength to take any action at all. Any action you take is a huge step. Do what you can do, do anything, do something! What you can do is enough because it is all you can do, and it is enough!

If you want to lose weight order "Think and Get Slim" By Abraham Hicks on amazon.com
It is not a workout but an empowering lesson on how to change your mind.

Today is the only day you have! Don't waste it complaining! Instead spend the time creating and living a life you really love!

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