Sunday, February 20, 2011

Changes only come from the impossibility to live any other way!

Follow your heart.

If you are not feeling good, if your health is not thriving, if you are not doing work you enjoy and you passionately want it to be different, better, happier, healthier, wealthier, funner ( if thats a word) then what are you waiting for? The only one stopping you is you. The changes in your life will only come from the impossibility to live life any other way. We each have inner guidance that if we stop, feel and pay attention it will lead us to our highest good. Life is supposed to get better and better.

Follow your heart 
You are never alone, ask for guidance
Meditate so you can hear the answer to your questions
Take action don't just think about it do it.

My desire
is my will 
is my deed 
is my destiny

Divine timing guides my life
Im where I'm supposed to be

I commit to seeking the benefit
hidden in all adversity

I surrender my resistance
To my hidden greater good

I now choose to embrace change
I now reveal my goof to the world

Sleep in peace, wake in joy, live in health and love yourself inside and out!
Patricia Moreno

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