Sunday, October 10, 2010

The warrior Declaration assignment. Join Me!

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Every new intenSati leader gets the assignment to read the warrior declaration to themselves out loud in the mirror for 30 days in a row. Living in a body you love is more than just choosing the right foods and exercising. it takes the courage to love and respect yourself fully. Try this exercise and see how powerful you feel after 30 days.

The Warrior Declaration

Today I stand as a warrior and I choose to be all I can be.
I stand for excellence in all areas of my life.
I am dedicated to loving my life and living my life's calling.
I choose perserverance, courage, integrity, and impeccability.

I look for confidence and approval in my own heart and mind, and what you think of me makes no difference.

I know that it is ultimately how I feel about myself that gives me the experience of my life, and shame, guilt, regret and resentment are the most deadly of all opponents. The only way they can be defeated is by absolute integrity, or the absence of contradiction between what i know, what I profess, and what I do. I know that when lie to myself i am severed from my truth, which is my power, and an inharmonious relationship to my truth is deadly.

No one is born a warrior, just like no one is born an average man. We make ourselves that way by the accumulation of steps we take towards one or the other. I know the power of my mind and I begin every journey confident of victory. I am only defeated when I have accepted defeat and the moment I turn my back on my self and my vision may be the moment I halt just short of my goal and I will make useless all my previous efforts.

My work is to discover my work and with all my heart give myself to it. By honoring this path I will achieve the greatest victory of all, a life of love, a life I love and a life well-lived.

Today I choose the path of the warrior.

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